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I am trying to value my Pokemon card collection so I need to know how many Pokemon cards I have and I am trying to do that by measuring my stacks of Pokemon cards but I need to know how thick a card is so I can translate my measurements into cards. (include inches and centimeters)

Vun Meli Metre
Remember to take into account things that may increase the height of the piles more than the pure thickness of the cards themselves, like bents in the cards and air bubbles. Like, if you squeeze cards together, they'll flatten out.
i read somewhere they were like a millimeter thick lol

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Pokemon cards are printed on cardstock, the thickness of which is measured in points, of which 1 point corresponds to 1/1000th of an inch. Pokemon cards are printed on 35 pt cardstock, so one Pokemon card is 0.035 inches thick, or about 0.09 centimeters

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Hope this helps!

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That measurement works in theory, but it does not match the true dimensions of the product.   Using those measures there would be only 29 Pokémon cards per inch of thickness (1 ÷ 0.035 = 28.57). That means two booster packs should be almost 1 inch thick.

The actual number of Pokémon cards per inch is approximately 80. I own a game store, and we purchase bulk using measurements and that conversion factor. Fully compressed and in normal to low humidity conditions, 83 may be a more accurate number.