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I was doing some raid battles in the wild area and I found a Reuniclus in Pokemon Sword. If you don't know, Reuniclus is only in Pokemon Shield. I don't know if my game is glitched (I really hope not). Can someone help?


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Reuniclus Raid is exclusive and can only be found within the Pokemon Shield Version of the game.

As you can see here is the source say. So reuniclus Raid is impossible in Pokemon sword. In February there is an event that allowed you to catch reuniclus(if i'm right) but end in February 28. I have Been looking in some source but didnt find anything. I don't know of your game is glicth or not, but it is impossible to find it. But if my research is wrong i'm sorry.

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Like i said, i don't know if my research is correct. So sorry if I'm wrong
Thank you! I did catch it during February so it was probably during the event.
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I can think of three possible explanations, in the order I think are most to least likely

1) There was a raid event where Reuniclus can be found in Sword
2) You joined someone else's raid online
3) The game is glitched

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Someone else's raid sounds correct to me.
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