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I am playing Soulsilver (gen 4), and I have a Gardevoir who is really good in special attacks. I already have 3 moves on it, but I don't know what should be its 4th move in his moveset.
Now it has;
-Calm mind
-Which move should this be?
Also, what do you think would be the best item for Gardevoir in this game?

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What do you want to do with this Gardevoir? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Frontier, in-game trainers, or something else?
What are your other team members?
Yes, I'm sorry, there is one important thing I forgot to mention about.
A little backstory: Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon of all time and this is the first time I have ever caught it. I have been waiting to defeat ultimate trainer Red for 2 months until Ralts(Gardevoirs pre-evolution) made its appearance in a swarm.

 So I already completed the game, I only wanna make fun with my favorite Pokemon and beat Red with Gardevoir only, as a level 100. I don't have another goal and the rest of my team aren't in the picture, since I want my Gardevoir be the ultimate Pokemon on its own. And make fun with him.

Also, which item would be best?

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If your just going to battle Red, I think you should go for Focus Blast. The main I suggest this is because of Snorlax. With two moves that are super-effective against you (Crunch and Shadow Ball), it poses as a real threat. I know it is pretty bulky but with 1 or so Calm Minds, you should be good. I wouldn't really mind about the starters and Lapras because you have Thunderbolt and Psychic.

The only other major thing is Pikachu's Volt Tackle. I think you should just set one Calm Mind and just go Psychic. So for the item, I would suggest Quick Claw. I know it's not the most ideal but I think it will do the trick.

Hope I helped!

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The last move will be Shadow Ball for more coverage.

You can get TM30 (Shadow Ball) from defeating Morty. If you already used that TM, you can buy TM30 with Battle Points on Battle Frontier.

Hope I helped.

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You provided literally no details. Please answer with better quality, and explain your choice.