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What Level is it? What IVs does it have in Speed? Is it holding a Speed-boosting item?
It shows the maximum speed number here, which is 31 IVs, max EVs, and a +Spe nature.
I meant to add choice scarf to the question, my apologies.
You can go here and type the numbers in. https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/
Scarf Primarina is not a great idea.

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Assuming this Primarina is at Level 100 with 31 Speed IVs, it would be at 360 Speed.

I got this number by taking the maximum number of 240 Speed and adding on the 50% boost from Choice Scarf.

Sauce 1 and 2 and a random calculator I had lying around the house

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You spelled source wrong.
@gr8 that's the joke.
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Note: This answer is for if the Primarina is Lvl 100
Well, after all that is taken into account, at base stats is 360 speed. It's max EV IV and speed nature total is 240, and Choice scarf increases by 50% meaning 240 + 120= 360 Base Speed Stat, and that's it.
Final answer: 360 Speed
Source: This and This for the Choice Scarf info