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Can XD lugia be shiny? My friend got a purified one, in shiny. Is that really real? I searched online but some said yes some said no and I'm now very confused lol

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I am answering this late for posterity.

No. Without hacking, you cannot obtain any shiny shadow Pokemon in XD. Unlike Colosseum, which allowed shiny Pokemon due to a bug that, I believe, checked the value of the trainer who had the shadow Pokemon and compared it to its own to prevent shininess (therefore making it ineffective), XD correctly checks YOUR trainer shiny value and always calculates it so it won't match.

A bit lame, but that's how it is.

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hi answering this late for posterity. I thought you were LunarDeath.
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Yes, the Lugia can be shiny, but you will only see its "Shininess" after it has been purified.

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadow_Pokémon#Shiny_Shadow_Pok.C3.

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The source you provided clearly states that Pokemon XD corrected the shiny value glitch from Colosseum and therefore Pokemon XD's Lugia CANNOT be shiny.
Can confirm. Also, the article states that Purification has no effect on the shininess of a Pokémon, so non-shiny Pokémon remain non-shiny and shiny Pokémon remain shiny.

I also checked the edit history of the article and this didn't change at all since the answer was posted.