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I am in a rush, but PokémonDB says you can find Eevee in Celadon City, but after combing Celadon, I couldn’t find it. Can someone give me the precise location and instructions on how to get there?

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Not sure if you can get a gift Eevee in Celadon City like you can in other Kanto-based games, but you can find wild Eevee just west of there on the routes that used to be cycling road.

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You can’t get the gift Eevee there like you can other Kanto games. However, if you go left into the Pokémon Road, you can find an Eevee there after a few minutes if you’re lucky :)

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Do you mean the cycling road?
It’s not called the cycling road in let’s go lol, there’s not even bikes in the game
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This is just a minor mistake in PokémonDB, you can't get gift Eevee anymore.

Like KRLW said there are Eevees in Route 17 (the cycling road).