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Let's say the parent has a HP IV will there be a larger chance it will have the same?

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Bred pokemon will inherit the parents IVs in 3 stats without a power item, these are chosen randomly. If it happens that a stat is chosen twice, the second time the IV is chosen the new IV will replace the first one ex- umbreon & espeon breed, the hp IV is chosen from umbreon & hp & Sp attack is chosen from espeon, espeons hp IVs will be given to the baby.

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EDIT- the other IVs for the baby will be chosen randomly, then there are also the power items that j98 has explained

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Uh, you do realize, All pokemon have and Hp Atk Def Sp Atk Sp Def and Spd IV.

Buy I think I see what you're asking.

In Gen V if you let one pokemon hold a Power Item ( Eg. Power Bracer ) the pokemon born will have 31 in the IV in which the Power item represents.

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You don't need the Everstone for IVs, that's for inheriting natures. And it's not "high chance", it's guaranteed that the baby will inherit the IV of the power item.