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No idea if this has been asked before, but, if a Pokemon with the ability Rock Head somehow learned Jump Kick or High Jump Kick and missed the move, would it still lose half of its HP? The combination is, to my knowledge, impossible as of right now, but I’m just curious as to how it would play out, going by game mechanics.


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Rock Head does not affect other kinds of damage, such as crash damage, damage from a Life Orb, or damage from a Jaboca or Rowap Berry. Rock Head does not prevent the user from fainting from using moves that cause the user to faint

JK and hjk counts as crash damage

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rock_Head_(Ability)

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As per Bulbapedia

Rock Head does not affect other kinds of damage, such as crash damage

Bulbapedia says that crash damage, and not recoil, is taken when HJK or JK (Jump Kick) misses, as you can see here.

So no, Rock Head will not prevent the damage taken from Jump Kick, as Rock Head only protects the Pokemon from Recoil and not from Crash Damage, which is what Jump Kick gives you.