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I know the nuzlocke rules but can't actually know how to do in let's go.Here is a few things to help me nuzlocke.

  • how does the catching system works
  • how do I level up my Pokemon in the wild as cathcing is replaced with battling Pokemon
There is no governing body of Nuzlocke rules. You decide the rules.
Yeah! Fizz is right!
But you can always use other people rules if you cant think of any:)

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how the catch system work?
Answer: the first Pokemon you see in a route is your encounter. So if you go to route 1 and the first thing you see is rattata then catch that rattata. If that rattata run away/fled before you even could interact with it you cant catch anymore Pokemon there

how to level up Pokemon?
Answer: trainer battles and catching Pokemon. Let me explain about the "catching Pokemon", so you just catch Pokemon to level up, but you obviously cant use it(its so obvious). Just make a mark for the Pokemon you used for grinding and make another mark for the dead Pokemon

Edit: like fizz said, its your nuzlocke and your own rules. My answer is based from youtube and my rules

Source: youtube videos I watch and my brain

Hope I helped!

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Hm i see but then how will I enter the brock battle if the guy won'y allow me too fight him without showing him an grass or water type?
@loki ron catch a grass/water type then show it(but dont use it)
hm ok ty friend ; D
your welcome ;)