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So I know about the house where you can get Cosmog for free, and I know that evolving it into Cosmoem and then evolving it again only gives you Solgaleo (in Pokemon Sword). But what I want is Lunala, exclusive to Shield sadly. So please tell a way to get Lunala in Pokemon Sword. And also please don't give answers like "buy shield also and transfer Lunala to sword".


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The only way to get a Lunala native to Sword is to join a Max Raid Battle/Dynamax Adventure hosted by a player with Shield with Lunala, and then catch it
Or else, you have either trade it from Shield, or trade it from Moon or Ultra Moon using Pokemon Home.

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(Credit to Fenton Force and Joey for their help)

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You can actually encounter Lunala by playing an online max raid den hosted by someone playing Shield, even if you're playing Sword. I have Sword and have encountered Lunala several times this way, as well as other Shield-exclusive legendaries.
Iike joey said, this is incorrect.
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Lunala is only available in Sword through trading or transfering, sadly. If you have a Gen 7 game, I recommend using Pokemon Home to transfer a Lunala from there into Sword.

Actually, you can get Lunala in Sword without trading or transferring by joining Dynamax Adventures. For example, if some Shield player is going on a Dynamax Adventure and the boss is Lunala, a Sword player could join it and catch Lunala. Just thought I'd mention it.
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