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Asking because my friend said that and I was like nahhh man only pokeradar and I just want to comfirm


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Hidden Abilities are not obtainable via regular encounters.
However, you can find rustling long grass with an HA Pokémon in them. The rustling long grass has a 1/128 chance of appearing, which is likely where your friend got that from.

Sauce: a google search, with stuff such as this video, this article, this, and this.

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Shiny is more likely than an HA?
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Hidden Abilities function the same way as other Abilities, but Pokemon normally caught in the wild will never have them.

So, no, you can't find HA Pokémon in the wild. The only ways to get HA Pokémon is through the Ability Patch, Pokéradar chaining and the Legendaries in Ramanas Park.

Source: https://game8.co/games/Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-Shining-Pearl/archives/349121