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Why isn't it just called Farfetchd, or Farfetched? I'm sure everyone's asked this to themselves at some point or another.

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Did we decide to ban Game Freak logic questions?
This isn't a game freak logic question, I'm asking if there is a purpose of the apostrophe
This most probably is a GFL question, but X’s answer does explain something out of it so I guess it’s fine.
It's not currently in the rules either way.
Oh alrite didn't know that.

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We don't currently know the reason, but it may have been to make the name stand to more and to make an otherwise forgettable Pokemon slightly more unique. As of Generation 8, Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd are still the only Pokemon with apostrophes in their names. You can argue that without an apostrophe, it would look more awkward. That may be true, but Feraligatr and Victreebel also have letters cut off, so it was probably more of a design choice than anything else. The deveopers may not have wanted a real word for a Pokemon, but Gloom, Seel, and Mew exist.

Overall, we don't have a definite answer. The most likely reason is a more unique name, but it could have also been because of awkward letter placement or the decision to not have another real word as a Pokemon.

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What letter was cut off with Victreebel?
I think there should be an l at the end of the name.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everything makes sense now