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I want a False Swiper to help with catching mons, and I got some options, but I don't know which to choose. I'd prefer for it to be something that can be found in ORAS, and if possible, have a status move and/or be easy to shiny hunt. Also, I'm in the post-game, so I'm okay with any Dex Nav mons.

Gallade, probably. Learns False Swipe, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, and Swords Dance, plus it's pretty easy to get -- just grind up a Ralts and use the Dawn Stone you got from Wally.
What would I need Rain Dance for?
It's for preventing Sandstorm and Hail damage in wild encounters, and probably has some other purpose I have no idea about.
Ah I see.

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I would suggest using Breloom. Here's why.
1. Breloom has an amazing attack stat of 130.
2. It has access to Spore, a 100% accurate move that instantly puts the target to sleep. (In order to get spore you will have to grind a Shroomish to level 40. Make sure not to evolve it! Breloom can't learn spore. This shouldn't take that long with the xp share)
3. It can learn swords dance and good stab moves like Brick Break and Seed Bomb.
It has a 4x's weakness to flying. You can give it a Coba Berry to weaken the damage of flying type moves by 50%. (You can get one on Route 123 in the berry garden.)

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First I'm not really that good with this kind of stuff but I'll try

I think Garchomp
1. It has an amazing Attack stat
2. You can also use Swords Dance
3.Its only weak to Ice-, Dragon- and Fairy-type
4. It has a Mega Evolution which amps up its damage output
1. Mega lowers Speed
2. It's 4x weak to Ice-
3. It has no status moves (freezing, sleep, etc...)
4. It's a Dragon-type meaning it takes awhile to level up

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