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So, I was shiny hunting Reshiram for a while, and then I thought that I didn't had a good False Swiper. Gallade and Absol can both learn Thunder Wave, False Swipe, and Swords Dance. I can get Mega Gallade, and I can try getting a Hidden Ability Absol if that's needed.
Note that I ain't gotta use these Pokémon only on Reshiram.

That's all!

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Mega or regular?
You should try having a pokemon with spore too, it will make it easier to catch. If you're playing Ultra Sun/Moon, don't forget to use a Roto-catch when you do find a shiny Reshiram.
Jason, I said that in the question. So, yes.
Thanks for the tip Poipole, I'll surely do that! And, I forgot Spore was a move. Haha

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100 % Mega gallade. Absol always gets easily taken out, while mega gallde with massive defenses and atk, is bascically a powerful attack.

Try using this moveset too:
252 atk 252 speed, 4 def.
-Swords Dance
-False Swipe

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I said Thunder Wave, lmao. And I don't really think I need EVs.
ops :)
No hypnosis?
@sumwun she is using thuder wave
Why should she use thunder wave when hypnosis raises the catch rate more?
she wants too
Wow, I didn't know that Pokémon could learn that. Might get it.