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I put my Pokemons in Pokemon white's day care and I can't get them out of there. Could someone help me?

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What does it say when you try to take them out?
pops up "Ah, there you are! My husband was looking for you."
What happens when you talk to her husband? Does he say you have an egg?
yes but I don't put it on the team because a deino with the nature I wanted already came
Your mons probably have an egg. Iirc that's how it works in other gens
Have you refused the egg, or do you accept it? If you accept the egg, is your party full while doing so?
I refuse the egg but if I take the egg it won't make my party full

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man I asked my brother now and he said that to get the Pokemons you need to get the egg i'm really dumb but thanks anyway