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I need a Mawile for my Pokedex and I am hunting one in the Lakeside Cave. After over two hours of hunting I haven’t found it. There are other Pokémon that aren’t spawning and they are Aron, Carkoal, Ferroseed, and Noivern. There are other Pokémon that are spawning that are not supposed to spawn according to this site. They are Piloswine, Riolu, Deino, and Golbat. Is there a reason for this?

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Mawile is Sword Exclusive

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You have been searching in Roaring-Sea Caves, which is not the same as Lakeside Cave. Lakeside Cave can be accessed via Ballimere Lake.

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So, anyone can correct me if I’m wrong. But mawile only spawns in bridge field, dusty bowl and giants mirror? Only found in blizzard weather, for dusty bowl and giants mirror it has around a 35% spawn rate (overworld). Meanwhile it has around a 10% spawn rate at bridge field (non-overworld).

There are also dens, such as den #82, and so on. But I play shield so I don’t directly know, but I looked into it so hopefully that helps! Minor thing if you didn’t know, (but I assume you do) is that mawile is a sword exclusive! So if your on shield you have to trade someone for it.

Mawile does spawn in Lakeside Cave. You can find this on any location guide, such as: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lakeside_Cave#Visible_encounters