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Any ideas? Also what game do you get it on? I know its cheating but when you have a load of pokemon you want to make strong it takes forever!!

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Hey, I'm trying to get every Pokemon to level 100 and I'm not cheating. If you cheat, you haven't really accomplished anything.
I know is there any way to raise them quicker like the lucky egg.
Lucky Egg is a great way to gain experience! However, Chanseys are hard to get and are not quarenteed to hold the Lucky Egg. Here is a suggestion with Rare Candies: Wait until your Pokemon gets a Level up before using rare candies. This way, you gain the max amount of experience. Save them up for the later levels when it is harder to get level ups.
I do that ya!! Any other tips?
Try to carry around as many Pokemon that have the ability Pickup as you can. Tis is useful at the start of the game. Before playing the game, a good idea is to decide what your team is going to be. As you go along in the game, carry around those Pokemon. Since you get more good Pokemon later in the games, you can fill your team with Pokemon like Meowth, Phanphy, Zigzagoon, and Pachirisu until you get the Pokemon you want for your final team. These are Pokemon with the ability Pickup. After every battle, check to see if they Picked up any items. Don't give them any items to hold. You can get some good items through this, like Rare Candy and PP Up.
Thanks!! good tip

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This is a glitch from Red/Blue/Yellow where people go through a series of events to multipy any item so as to have 99 of them. I am not going to tell you as I don't approve of cheating. It is also a good way to mess up your game. Here are some ways to get more Rare Candies cleanly.

The two best ways after you have found them all on the map is Pickup and having a Shuckle holding a Berry Juice until it becomes a Rare Candy. If you want the locations of Rare Candies in HG/SS, look at the first question on the related questions section to the right of the page.

Edit: Swampert is right. Also Action Replay can do this.

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You could also trade pokemon holding rare candies from other games and reset the game to get the rare candies again...but that would take a long time if you wanted loads.
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Action Replay. it works on any game with Cheats. But cheating is for noobs and people who don't care about pokemon plus it messes up your games.