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I looked on some faqs and what I've found is that a confused pokemon has a 50% chance of hurting itself. But, what determines how much it damages itself? Is it a set amount or is it based of the the confused pokemon's attack and defense, or is it based on something else entirely?


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Confusion is a base 40 attack with no typing.

with this formula:

[(((2A/5 + 2)*B*40)/C)/50] + 2

A = the confusion victim's Level
B = the confusion victim's Attack
C = the confusion victim's Defense

That's why pokemon like steelix with high defense don't take much damage from confusion... sucks for you if you have pokemon like hitmonlee or rampardos.

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Wow, thanks!  I didn't realize that the formula was so complex.

Then are the formulas for regular attacks with and w/o STAB and super-effective similar?  Or is this exclusive to a pokemon damaging itself?
There is a formula for damage when a pokemon attacks.
Wow DT you are SMART! O_O
The damage taken appears to be proportional to Attack ÷ Defense, in other words if the difference between attack and defense is higher, confusion does more damage.
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Its defense vs its attack calculates how much it hurts itself, I think. Plz don't vote me down if im wrong