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Intimidate works in every Battle, unless the opponent has Clear Body, White Smoke, or Hyper Cutter.

Rivalry only works on Pokemon of the opposite Gender.

Intimidate lowers the foe's Attack stat, and Rivalry raises your own attack.

They seem pretty equal, but Rivalry is way too situational, since there's a good chance that the Pokemon will be of the opposite gender or have no gender at all.

Intimdate is only negated by a handful of Pokemon, while any Pokemon can have the potential to counter Rivalry.

I thought rivalry increased your attack when you were figting pokemon of the same gender?
It does he means that theres a higher chance that the pokemon your battling is female or doesnt have a gender at all
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Well, personally, I think intimidate is far mor helpful as Luxray already has high special attack and attack, but low defenses so intimidate can stop the opponet from sweeping luxray because their attack is lowered. So Rivalry is not needed and only has an overal 33 percent chance of working(I count 33% boy pokemon, 33% girl pokemon, and 33% no gender).

It would probably be more like 20% no gender 40%girl and 40% boy
Your missing one percent
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I like rivalry because if you are different gender you can use attract.