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Well, i have an arcanine that has better moves and stats but my ninetales has drought and doesn't need to set up sunny day. Im unsure if this goes on RMT or not

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Ninetales. Because it has Drought. Even if Arcanine will carry Sunny Day, I suggest Ninetales. That way, if another weather comes in, you don't need to waste a turn setting up Sunny Day again.

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sunny daya? :P
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Ninetales gives you permanent Sun, which makes he the ideal canidate for any Sun team, as a lead of course.

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Ninetales Of Course!

With its Drought (Onley obtained in Dream World or Hidden Grottos in BW2 or a Fire type Friend Safari) Is better because it gives you Sunlight without wasteing your turn and thanks to Ninetales learnset, it can learn Solar Beam which works onley 1 turn instead of 2 due to sunlight and since Ninetales is a SAtk user you know its Solar beam will make a wipe out along with its reliable SAtk moves and has 2 choices for moves to up its SAtk a little more, Ninetales is your bet !


Arcanine can learn Morning Sun which heals more HP in sunlight when paired with Sunnyday but since Arcanine dosn't have that very good physical Fire type moves other than Flare Blitz and Solar beam not doing to much damage because of a little lack of SAtk and onley 1 Atk boosting move then Arcanine is just good for regular battles.

So yes Ninetales is the best choice.

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Not sure how Arcanine has/had better moves than Ninetales, but if you'd have to pick one, then go with Ninetales. However, these Pokemon can be used as a 1-2 punch in a Sun team, which a lot of people overlook. Arcanine's Morning Sun works well off of Ninetales' Drought ability and can help him recover from Flare Blitz. If both, Ninetales & Arcanine are built right, both Pokemon can not only cover/conquer their weaknesses, but cover a lot of ground in beating a lot of different types of Pokemon. Normal, Dark, Fire, Water, Rock, Ground, Electric, Bug, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Ghost, and Steel Pokemon can and most likely will fall victim to this "team." So, I know the question asks for 1...and not to answer a question with a question, but why not both?

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