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Well I just got Pokemon FireRed and am thinking of picking Charizard as my starter. I haven't opened it yet so if you think another starter is better (DON'T say Blastois, just cause it has an advantage) then please tell. Also tell me what EV training I should do for it and things like that.

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-Flying type, so that takes away that Ground weakness.

-Can learn Earthquake, which covers 4x Rock Weakness.

-Pretty good stats

-Ok movepool
-4x weakness to Rock

-3 weaknesses

-Doesn't evolve as early. (level 16, then level 36)

-Not the biggest movepool
Focus on Attack and Special Attack.
Attack EV spread: http://pokemondb.net/ev/attack
Special Attack EV spread: http://pokemondb.net/ev/spatk

I guess you could also focus on Defense, but not with this Charizard. With another Charizard, though.
Defense EV spread: http://pokemondb.net/ev/defense

Charizard @ Leftovers

Trait: Blaze
EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 4 HP
Naive Nature (+Spe, -SpD)

Flamethrower -(STAB)
Earthquake -(Do I really need to explain it?)
Fly/Wing Attack -(STAB)
Double Team -(Helps evade)

Flamethrower- learns at level 34.
Earthquake- TM 26
Fly/WingAttack- Fly is HM 2, and Wing Attack is learnt at level 36.
Double Team- TM 32.

Hope This Helped :D

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so do you think the other two starters could be better?
For ingame, it doesn't matter. Just choose whoever you think it coolest or feel like using.
in my opinion venusaur is the most usefull. just saying.
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Sorry to necropost, but this answer is wrong. Instead of listing the pros of Charizard, I'll list the cons: