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OK so it's kinda like this"

New region->third version->remake.

But now it's this:

New region->two sequels->???

So could it possibly be Hoenn remakes? RedRuby and BlueSapphire?

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Yes, it could be some Hoenn remakes for whatever comes after Black and White 2. Or it could be a Legend of Zelda+Pokemon mix where Link ends up in the Kanto region and ends up getting Poke Balls and starts to capture Pokemon, then challenge the gyms and all that stuff. It would likely be a horrible game because there is pretty much no way the game mechanics of Zelda and Pokemon would work well together. But it is still a possibility. Anything is a possibility. Could they not even do remakes for the next one and move on to Gen VI? They could do that too. Will it likely be R/S remakes? Probably, as the fans are seeming to want it.

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That made no sense, Zelda sword, fighting, explosions. Pokemon balls, and cute stuff.
OK that's informative and...XD. Thanks