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You get it from an event, but the event has passed long ago. Sorry.

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Include the fact the Event was for the Pokemon Victini.
its doesnt need that part
Well does anyone on here have a victini on their game and is close to florence alabama? I have a ditto so you can breed me a victini egg.
Victini can't breed.
not even with ditto
Nope, sorry. But I have three victinis, I'll give you one.
cool how can you get it to me i and wat can i give you in return i can try to give you a kyurem egg
He can trade.... With your friend code.
You can't get a Kyurem egg. Anyways, what is your friend code and have you completed the main story? If you haven't, how many gym badges do you have?
I dont know my friend code but i have finished the main story on pokemon white version and i have caught zekrom and kyurem with ultra balls and i havent even wasted my master ball. sad right?
Can I have a Victini? My friend code and my game name is on my profile. Just give me your friend code and game name so we can trade
I can trade you one if you want.
So, want to trade?
OK.thx. but when?
Whenever you can.
hey pokemon ninja girl are you trying to get a victini to?
yep i really want one
PokemonBlack10 how about 7/31 at  4:30?
I what do want for it?
Name: Wolfy
Friend code: 1550-0414-1329
I am a girl, but i will show up as a boy because the action replay turned me into a boy
Fine for me now
Just get on chat xP
I will asap
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There was an event to get one but its over.
But you can get 900 of them if you get an action-replay, but you can't go and get a Victini off Liberty Island

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