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I want a latios or latias were do I get it

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In HeartGold, Latias should be roaming the world after you beat the Elite 4 and Champion.

To get Latios in HeartGold, you'll need to receive the Enigma Stone via Wi-fi Mystery Gift.

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Let not Forget that if it's Soulsilver it will be the Opposite of Heartgold.
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In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Lat will roam the Kanto region after obtaining the Copycat's doll from the Fan Club in Vermilion City. No Kanto badges are required to unlock the roaming.

Note: fleeing has neutral priority in Generation 4, you'll want either a Wobbuffet with the Shadow Tag ability (since Lat's Levitate renders Arena Trap useless) or a speedy Pokémon with Mean Look.

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