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Before I go into the vortex when Cynthia and I chase Cyrus, why does my rival ditch me? He just heals my Pokemon and runs off.

Why doesn't Cynthia team up with me when I take on Cyrus for the last time? Cynthia herself could easily beat Cyrus because she is stronger, and she just stands there as I take on Cyrus alone. That's not fair.

When I get up to Giratina, I want to get it as a shiny Pokemon. If I save before I encounter it and continue restarting, will I eventually find a shiny Giratina?

Please answer all the questions!
If some of these have been answered before, please send me a link.


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1.Thats how they programmed it.

2.It wouldnt be a challenge if cythia did it so therefore you must do it.

3.Yes its called Hard Resting or Soft Resting.

it will take a while but it could be anywhere from 1to any number
And if I used a Dusk Ball on Giratina in the Distortiom World, will the catch rate be 3.5?
Isn't it Soft Resetting, not Soft Resting?
Soft resting is a faster way of say soft resetting
Oh. OK, thanks.