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Um, I was about to do a rescue mission in Wish Cave, but when I clicked 'Wish Cave' on the dungeon list, I got sent to some radom dungeon called, I think 'Doojo Restasion' or 'Dojo Rejistradetion' or 'Dojoo Registrasion' stuff. I was only on the first floor when my game froze. WTF is this??? Is this a Glitch??????????

More info:

Mission: Help me

Cilint: Cefairy
Where: Wish cave B50F
Difficulty: *
Reward: 500 POKÉ + ???
Message Title: I'm too tired to move
Message body: I got lost in this Dungeon! Someone, Help!
1?-(...) 5(M)X? 4P2+ (F)1?F 6N?6 F+?W

So yeah.

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....Now THIS is the weirdest one. I thought I'd seen 'em all, but THIS is new. How strange........ I should really talk to DesmondTheMoonBear about this.....
And the -1 Vote? Really? This is actually quite interesting....
It was dojo rejistration, i looked it up, apperantly it IS a dungeon.
Sorry I originally down voted because you went into a dungeon and it froze.
Not a glitch just a quid incidence or you accidentally cluelessly hit your ds cartridge
Uh, no i dont think so, I protect my dsi XL with wool case & 2mm plastic shell, it can't be damaged, by the way, go to this site:  It says u have to be lv.100 and i am, I have lucario rank, all recruitable pokemon(after 4 years of hard work), and i've completed all dojo places. check it out.
ah ist normal my freind did it to you have used a action replay cheat
Um... I bought the game leagelly.
it could just be ur game card or nintendo
It's a terrible glitch
This question was here for sooooo long. I have to admit it is a tough question. Call an expert in! T___T
It sounds like a glitch I heard of one time, but I can't quite remember what the glitch was.
Wish Swampert was around. He was always good at PMD.
Most Glitches in Pokemon games happen only once. If it has happened multiple times, do tell.
That should be a comment.
Might I add that almost every glitch can happen multiple times?
it is probably part of the games memory system, or becauses it a old game. ( I think its a old game, but it might not)
Someone answer this!
I'll get to it soon xP
xD, I got this
This has got to be the longest comment line ever... .
Everyony you can stop adding Comments. This has gone long enough, we already have an answer from Ninja anyway.
@ olviadlise: Yeah it is a old game, actully, it's the first Pokemon DS game ever. I got it i think 3 or 4 years ago. still working perfectly. I value my Pokemon games because POKEMON IS FREAKING EPIC!!!
... right?
Whoops, sry about previouse comment.
thats o.k. plus, Pokemon is epic, cool, awesome, and rocks, even for girls like me!!!!!!!!
No I mean i'm the one who said no more comments but i added one myself
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Alright, I might have a clear answer. Bear with me here. Did this a few days ago.

I spent multiple hours getting this assignment. And then I played through this 15 times, quitting without saving.

12 - Saw this bug! Went as far as I could. Game crashes.

My brother works his life away in his room, coding and that good stuff. Gave the game to him.

He told me tonight about it. This "Dojo Registration" thing does in fact exist. Just within the coding of the game. It is extremely glitchy. If you somehow enter it, I recommend shutting down the system. Buggy!

Some things aren't actually implemented for a reason, I guess. Quite a few Nintendo games have locations, items, etc that aren't implemented.

This area does exist, but it isn't meant to and is a glitch.

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Whoa. I admire the work you guys did. Up vote.
OMG Thanku i've been waiting for an reasonable answer for 36 days and 13 hours! Upvote!(If only u can upvote more than once... Oh well.) P.S. is this like the missingno. glitch?