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Right, I've been thinking. I really want my Togekiss to use the move Drain Punch effectively. But because her attack is low, it won't do that much right?
If I gave her a choice band, 252 attack EV's, would it actually do some damage? Same for ExtremeSpeed and Ariel Ace.
This isn't an in-game team question, so don't hide. It's for my KIU themed UU team. Refer to RMT to see the whole team.

How can she punch anyway? I see no hands.

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What the heck is KIU...?
It's funny that I found this and I know it's been almost 5 years since the last answer. However, I just made a physical set for Togekiss (On gen 4, cuz now it's a fairy/flying type). Anyway, here it is:

Eggcellent (Togekiss) @Life orb/Power Herb/Choice Band

Ability: Hustle

Adamant nature: 252Atk/252Speed/6Def

~ Drain Punch/Roost
~ Extremespeed
~ Double-Edge
~ Aerial Ace/Sky Attack

So, I think it's self-explanatory right there. W/Hustle and Life Orb, Togekiss's attack increases to 425! Double-Edge hits like a truck despite the Hustle low accuracy ratio. I know the recoil it's pretty nasty, but you have Drain Punch at your disposal to recover HP and some coverage against other Normal types. You can use Roost instead Drain Punch for half HP recovery, but you lose the good coverage that Drain punch has. Aerial Ace has perfect accuracy and it's Hustle boosted as well, and destroys grass and fighting-types. Extremespeed it's for revenge killing, and it does a good chunk before Togekiss faints.

Another option is going full-brute force using a Power Herb boosted Sky attack, which anhitilates any non-rock/steel type on the field. The problem is, you have only one shot, and then, the rest of the attacks won't do much damage after that. One last option is using a choice band, making Togekiss attack stat going to 436 and despite it doesn't looks like a big difference, Togekiss can get some 2OHKOs or OHKOs with it.

I'm pretty satisfied with this set. I have tried out on the Battle Tower, and it was great! I had so many victories with this "Physical Togekiss". Keep on mind that, this set only works until gen 5 for obvius reasons. Anyway, you should give it a try :D
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I would use a different strategy for Physical Togekiss.

Give it Hustle, that gives you an Attack boost, at the cost of some accuracy. Or you can use Work-up and Serene-grace.

Give it Extreme-speed, Drain-punch, Zen-headbutt/Aerial-ace, and Work-up/Roost/Thunder-wave

Roost or Thunder-wave if you go with Hustle. I would do Zen-Headbutt over Aerial-ace with Serene-grace for Flinch chance, and Aerial-ace for Hustle because of the perfect Acc.

Sweeper EVs, Life-orb with Hustle, Leftovers with Work-up+Serene-grace.

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Thanks SF!
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Um... not really. A non-boosted Choice Band maxed out EVs and nature ExtremeSpeed on a Pokmeon with 300 Defense will only do about 80 damage, max. It will do more with less Defense, but seriously, not much damage. Tri Attack would do more. So yeah, not much.
NOTE: I didn't put Drain Punch, I put what I thought was the most powerful physical move that you would actually use on a Togekiss.

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Ah okay. Thanks!