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1.)When is Black and White 2 being released?
2.)Are they going to release Grey Version?
3.)I heard from my friends that they are remaking Ruby and Sapphire is it true?

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1.) Black and White 2 are the sequels to Black and White. They have only came out in Japan as of now and will be released in October elsewhere.
2.) No.
3.) If they are going to make a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Remake we dont know yet.

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They have run out of things to name the games, since they have resorted to Black/White "2" haha. Next they are gonna have to go to Cliques. "Pokemon Goth Version" or "Pokemon Hipster Version" :)
hey Unreconizable I  remember you,you answer heaps of questions I remember when you answered a phew of mine.
They also are coming out in Australia not just japan i think you mean the langue is japanese
I never said it was coming out in just japan i just said it has only came out in japan so far Pokemaster cleared up any confusion though