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More powerful the less PP is has... but how much power does it have for each # of PP?


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PP Remaining Base Power
5-8 40
4 50
3 60
2 75
1 200

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5 seconds too slow. Serebii.net?
Actually, I typed this one. :p
I meant did you get the info from serebii? I did and then I had to type because I can't copy and paste on it for some reason. I was typing as quickly as I could, knowing you were going to answer real soon. :)
Yeah, I got the info there.
Love the little T-Chart you got going here, DT. LOL. xD
According to bulbapedia and smogon it's power 80 for 2 PP and 200 for 1 PP. I wonder which is right?
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PP 8,7,6,5-40 power
PP 4-50 power
PP 3-60 power
PP 2-80 power
PP 1-200 power

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