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I know that there are some abilities that seem comletely useless out there (i.e. Defeatest) I would love it if I could get a great use for each of these useless abilities. (and no links please. I want origanal ideas here)

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That and how you could research the question yourself, too. This isn't the slave-base... :p

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If you click on the links to each ability, Smogon will give you some nice usage techniques.

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You can use Skill Swap. Give le enemy le useless ability, and get a more useful one. I think that works.Am I wrong, i.e. does it fail on opponent(save from wonder guard, etc) ?

(Very evil laugh at the enemy if it works)

yes it does fail from wonder guard etc.
Ok so like Skill swap Defeatist onto your enemy hmmm. TROLOLOLOL.