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Allowed by Pokemaster as you can read here. The answers I will provide will give a good example of how this should be done.

  • Six Pokemon are required and while legendaries can be suggested, do remember that many people do not like using them because of how easy it makes the game. You might also want to keep the starter.
  • Moves are required for each Pokemon.
  • You should make sure to take into account that some people cannot trade, nor do they want to use cheating devices such as AR. As such, suggesting Machamp or giving multiple Pokemon the Earthquake attack when they can only learn it by TM is not a good idea.
  • Items, EVs, and Natures are not required.
  • Please provide ample explanation.

Since this is Gen III, types are determined differently.





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Am I able to do this with Platinum?
Am I able to ask this question in Ruby?
I'm surprised that only 1 person has suggested Blastoise and that he didn't mention that Nidoking and Nidoqueen provide great coverage.

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Blastoise, Pikachu/Raichu, Dugtrio, Fearow, Flareon, Haunter/Gengar

Blastoise: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Earthquake
-Surf and Waterfall are both STAB HM moves. Surf will be used more due to its higher base power and better utility, although Waterfall can help if you run out of PP. Ice Beam and Earthquake are coverage.

Raichu: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thief, Strength
-You get a Pikchu early in the game, and it helps soon with Misty. Thunderbolt is STAB. Thunder Wave helps with catching wild Pokemon. Thief is used to snag items from wild Pokemon. Strength is an HM.

Dugtrio: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Cut, Rock Slide
You can catch Dugtrio at Level 31 in Diglett's Cave, which at that point in the game might be a higher level than your starter Pokemon. If not, then it will still likely be a higher level than the rest of your team. With high Speed and solid Attack, Dugtrio is a solid Pokemon for ingame. Arena Trap even makes wild encounters more likely, which can be helpful for training or finding a specific Pokemon. Earthquake is very high powered STAB with great coverage. Aerial Ace is coverage, as is Rock Slide. Cut is an HM.

Fearow: Drill Peck, Fly, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam
Your Flying type. You get it early on in the game, meaning you can start training it right away. Fly is a favored HM because it lets you get from place to place with ease. Drill Peck is a much more useful move for battling though. Steel Wing provides type coverage. Return is STAB.

Flareon: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Dig
-Flamethrower is STAB. Shadow Ball is coverage. Bod Slam is just a move that can paralyze the foe. Dig is to escape from caves.

Haunter/Gengar: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb
-Use Haunter if you can't trade. It's a fine Pokemon, but Gengar is just incredible. Shadow Ball and SLudge Bomb are STAB. WHile you likely won't be using Sludge Bomb often, SHadow Ball is very useful against the Alakazam line. Thunderbolt and Giga Drain are coverage.

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Only problem here is flareon. He is waaay too slow.And again Jolteon is by far the best electric type.
Oh my gosh this is the best answer i found yet! Thank you. Josh :)
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I used a bunch of fast frail sweepers, but it worked I guess (only just beat elite 4 so I won't suggest aftergame moves)

Venusaur with Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Double-Edge and Leech Seed
Starmie with Surf, Blizzard, Psychic and Recover
Magmar with Flamethrower, Fire Punch, Strength, Confuse Ray
Electrode with Spark, Charge, Shock Wave and Light Screen
Dugtrio with Rock Tomb (Rubbish), Magnitude (Rubbish), Dig (Rubbish) and Slash (Rubbish)
Primeape with Mega Punch, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Cross Chop

By the way my Dugtrio is level 49 so it doesn't know EQ yet but definitely teach him it and it has rock tomb because Primeape has Rock Slide.

And a suggested HM slave : Meowth. It knows flash and cut, but it is the best HM slave because of it's ability, Pickup. It gave me TM10 Hidden Power.

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This is my team, after I obtained the national dex and after a bit of ev training it's virtually unstoppable, hope this helps here:
Charizard- level 70
Moves- blast burn - Fly - Dragon Claw - Slash
Overall, the favourite of my team, specialises in sp atk and he's diverse as he can beat dragons , fighting types , grass , bug , ice , and pretty much anything it's neutral against, hard starter to work up, definitely worth it.
Vaporeon- Level 67
Moves-Hydro pump-Ice beam-haze- water pulse?/anything really
Vaporeon is brilliant and in my opinion underrated , with a sp atk of 188 and sp def of 185 and hp of 256 this Pokemon is very good at sponging the move types it's weak too grass-electric, and put ice type moves in combination with vaporeon , you've got yourself an official dragon slayer (Charizard being my backup)
Moves-Body slam- hyper beam- earthquake- Rollout.
Snorlax , in my opinion is one of those Pokemon I always find on my team because of how brilliant he is, with a massive hp , 296 and attack and sp def of 150+ makes him so tanky and destructive it's unreal, he's able to take on pretty much anything that's thrown at him which is brilliant in unpredictable scenarios.
Moves-Poison fang- Arielace - mean look- Confuse ray
Crobat has got to be one of - if not my favorite flying type, this is because he is incredibly fast; 216 and has a high attack; 170, and poison type moves and flying type moves are physical in gen 3 plus he will get a stab out of them and if you combine that with confuse ray , you've got yourself a pain in the ass to deal with so overall I recommend crobat.
Moves- Bite?/anything really, thunder , shockwave, thunder wave?/anything really
Manectric is a personal favourite of mine, whereas anybody else would think otherwise , I think Manectric is brilliant, high sp atk high speed and high atk it seems like an ideal electric type for me, with reliable yet powerful moves like shockwave and the ability lightning rod, it's also very good in dual battle. I also traded to get this, national dex needs to be obtained and sevii Islands needs to be done.
Scizor-40 (not finished training)
Moves (so far) - Metal claw- Slash-agility-false swipe
I haven't finished training up scizor yet but already I've been able to take on level 50-55 s with him and come out victorious , he has a very high attack and high defence, and the fact that it's a steel type is very helpful in leafgreen because there is only a few others, He can literally take on anything and the move false swipe is also good when dealing with legendaries-always leaves 1hp-

Overall this team is very good, others might disagree but I had no trouble with any of the elite four, and the first time I did the elite four all I had then was, Charizard, golbat, vaporeon, Snorlax and gengar. But it's a worthwhile team that works! Hoped this helped! ^-^

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Only one slight thing, not everyone has a Hoenn game and another GameBoy so Manectric might be extremely difficult to obtain.
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here is my current elite 4 team for leaf green.

  • Blastoise
  • Jolteon
  • Hitmonchan
  • Dodrio
  • Exeggutor
  • Rhydon

Hydro cannon/ Hydro Pump
Blizzard/Ice Beam
A move that complements its nature( skull Bash etc..)/ Rain Dance

Surf is obvious, STAB+a powerful move+over-world use. Hydro cannon/ pump is there to deal with the foes that you think you can one hit. So Bruno, Koga etc. Blizzard/ice beam for coverage against your rival. Blastoise is mixed so its nature should determine its next move. Or Raindance for Thunder.


T-bolt for reliable STAB and shockwave as a back up. Thunder should be used to take on large foes like lorelies Lapras. This thing is very speedy so agility is not needed. I would go for signal beam.

Sky Uppercut
Brick Break
Thunder Punch/ Ice Punch

Sky uppercut to deal with risky foes like Blues Pidgoet +STAB. Brick Break for STAB and Mega Punch as a backup. Thunder/Ice punch for coverage, I go Ice but it's up to you.

Steel wing
Aerial Ace

Fly for overworld use and a good, strong STAB move. Aerial ace for a never miss STAB move. Steel Wing for coverage and an all round good move. Tri attack for STAB and a chance to burn, paralyses or freeze.

Giga Drain
Solar Beam
Egg Bomb

Psychic and Solar beam for powerful STAB moves. Egg Bomb, if the nature supports it, can be devastating. Giga Drain for STAb recovery.

Horn drill

E-quake and rock blast for powerful STAb moves. Takedown for foes that resist your other moves. Finally, as a last line of defence, horndrill for 1HKO's on foes you out level.

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Blastoise Set, since not as many have been posted:

Blastoise - Starter
Ability: Torrent
-Surf: Strong STAB Attack, used for surfing
-Ice Beam: Powerful, great coverage, especially grass
-Brick Break: Coverage
-Earthquake: Coverage vs. Electric

Pidgeot - Fly Slave
Ability: Keen Eye
@Sharp Beak
-Fly: Decent move, also it's fly
-Steel Wing: Coverage against most weaknesses
-Facade: Decent STAB
-Whirlwind: Pidgeot doesn't have a great gen III movepool, and this is useful sometimes

Arcanine - Covers Blastoise's Grass Weakness
Ability - Flash Fire
-Flamethrower: Awesome STAB move
-Extremespeed: Good attack, priority
-Aerial Ace: Why not
-Theif: Take off item during wild battles to hunt for Soft Sand/Thick Club etc...

Marowak - Covers Blastoise's Electric Weakness
Ability - Rock Head
@Thick Club
-Bonemerang: No Earthquake (D:) but this is decent
-Rock Tomb: Coverage, nice to have
-Iron Tail: Covers Ice Weakness
-Double Edge: Good Power, great w/ rock head

Hitmonchan - Sub-Puncher, Kills Everything
Ability - Keen Eye
@Black Belt
-Substitute: Focus Punch Setup
-Focus Punch: Goes w/ Substitute, Amazing Power
-Ice Punch: Strong Coverage
-Thunder Punch: Strong Coverage

Magneton - Water Coverage
Ability - Sturdy
-Thunderbolt - Electric Earthquake
-Tri Attack - Coverage, good for statuses
-Thunder Wave - Obnoxious
-Supersonic - Very Obnoxious when used w/ Thunder Wave

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First Pokemon:

Fire Blast
Wing Attack
Steel Wing

Second Pokemon:

Hyper Beam
Dragon Dance
Ice Beam

Third Pokemon

Steel Wing
Wing Attack

Fourth Pokemon:

Fire Blast/Thunderbolt
Sludge Bomb

Fifth Pokemon:

Drill Peck
Hyper Beam/Steel Wing
Light Screen/ Aerial Ace

Sixth Pokemon:

Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb/Shadow Punch
Psychic/ Hypnosis
Hidden Power/ Dream Eater

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I've beaten the Elite four without charizard and no one on my team being over the level of 55.

  1. Venusaur- Sleep powder, sunny day, solar beam, and sludge bomb
  2. Jolteon- Thunderbolt, double kick, pin missle, and thunder wave not quick attack
  3. Arcanine- extreme speed, flamethrower, bite, and roar
  4. Lapras- surf, ice beam, psychic, and confuse ray
  5. Nidoking- megahorn, brick break, earthquake, and thrash
  6. this one may blow your mind but this was the best Pokemon on my team, there is no one faster and went through agatha untouched.
    Persian- return, shadow ball, toxic, and bite
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Physical Sweeper: Machamp(Submission, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Brick Break)
Special Sweeper: Alakazam(Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Thunder Punch)
Physical Wall: Snorlax(Rest, Return, Surf, Earthquake)
Special Wall: Hitmonlee(Bulk Up, Brick Break, Hi Jump Kick, Endure)
Lead: Charizard(Flamethrower, Slash, Fire Blast, Fly)
Crippler: Vileplume(Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Sunny Day, Solar Beam)

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Here's a team I like a lot. No trading required:

-Aerial Ace
-Slash/Dragon Claw

It's a Charizard, you know what it does. Aerial Ace won't get tons of use, but it's nice to be able to hit Fighting types without wasting a turn on Fly. You could swap Slash for Dragon Claw, I just didn't want to spend the TM and I like Slash's critical hit rate. Dragon Claw gives better coverage (nothing resists both Fire and Dragon) and comes off Charizard's generally higher Special Attack, but Slash isn't far behind, leaving you vulnerable only to Rock types, which Charizard has no business fighting anyway. Dragon Claw will only give you super effective damage against Lance, and Ice moves are a better choice there. Fly is self-explanatory.

Exeggutor (hold Leftovers - found under each Snorlax)
-Giga Drain (use a couple PP Ups on this)
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder/Hypnosis/Toxic

Exeggutor has a lot more staying power than you might think, especially with Leftovers and the draining moves. Sleep Powder is better than Hypnosis, but it might not be worth sticking with Exeggcute until level 37. Swapping out Sleep Powder for Toxic is justifiable, but sleep is more useful for catching things and anything can learn Toxic. Other Grass-types have their uses, but Exeggutor is the strongest overall; Psychic is a much better secondary type than Poison. This gives you a good Psychic-type without having to trade for Alakazam.

-Ice Beam

Lapras is tough and a great special attacker. Pure electric types are pretty weak and non-versatile in this game (other than Zapdos, and I try to avoid legendaries in-game), so I prefer to stick a good Electric attack on something else. Lapras is excellent in this role, because it resists other water types and can hit them hard with Thunder/Thunderbolt. Surf and Ice Beam are obviously strong attacks that get type bonuses, and the last slot can be for a utility/support move or any HM you're lacking elsewhere - Lapras can learn Strength and Rock Smash too. Lapras with this set will be EXTREMELY useful against the Elite Four.

Snorlax (hold Leftovers - can be found under each Snorlax)
-Body Slam/Return
-Shadow Ball
-Sleep Talk/Toxic/Counter

Snorlax is a strong Pokemon, and with Rest and Leftovers he'll be very hard to kill. Body Slam hits hard and might paralyze, helping with Snorlax's abysmal speed (and this team is fairly slow in general). Return is a stronger option if you can paralyze another way. Shadow Ball, surprisingly, is a physical move in these games. This makes Snorlax incredibly effective against both Psychics and Ghosts, as he has a really high Special Defense and HP to soak up their attacks, doesn't care much about falling asleep, and hits them back with a super-effective Shadow Ball. He's a great counter to your rival's Alakazam, Agatha's ghosts, and Sabrina's gym, while being a strong counter to just about anything without Fighting moves. Either Ability is good; I think Thick Fat is more useful than Immunity but it's up to preference.
Toxic is not really recommended here as it makes you vulnerable while asleep, but it's always an option if you need to wear something down. Counter is also probably not the best choice, but Snorlax has the HP to make it deadly in the right situation.

Rhydon (hold Quick Claw)
-Rock Slide
-Focus Punch/Cut/Double-Edge/Megahorn

Rhydon is a great physical tank, and counters all Electric-types, along with Normal and most Flying-types. Earthquake is ridiculously strong in general coming off Rhydon's high Attack, and Rock Slide takes care of Flying Pokemon that are immune to EQ. Focus Punch is somewhat hard to use, but will hit Normals extremely hard. Don't bother with Brick Break; even when super effective it's not any stronger than EQ. Double-Edge deserves mention if your Rhydon has the Rock Head ability, which eliminates Double-Edge's high recoil. Again, though, it has limited use as compared to Earthquake or a super-effective Rock Slide. Megahorn is a very strong Bug-type move, giving you a nice way to deal with Psychics (and Grass-types, but Rhydon shouldn't stay in against them) but Rhydon doesn't get it until well past level 60, and Snorlax is a better way to deal with them anyway as it can take special attacks much better. You can safely make the last two moves HM's, but if Cut is on something else you can go for something more interesting.

This leaves you with one more slot for something of your choosing! An Electric or Fighting-type is a good choice, but they don't really give you much the above team doesn't. Jolteon, or Electabuzz if you're playing Fire Red, are the strongest options (not counting Zapdos), but neither can learn much besides Electric moves. They are fast, though, and can paralyze things with Thunder Wave. They also can learn Flash. A Pikachu/Raichu is useful until you can get Lapras, but is outclassed by Jolteon and Electabuzz as a dedicated Electric type.
The best Fighting types are Hitmonlee and Primeape, unless you can trade for Machamp. I typically use a Mankey/Primeape for the first part of the game, but it's really not necessary once you get Rhyhorn, which is much more durable, resists Normal (as well as Flying), and hits harder in general. Literally the only thing a Fighting type has over Rhydon is STAB fighting moves, which isn't really enough to justify a party slot.
Dragonite is also a strong option here, with a versatile movepool to fill any niches you want, and the stats to do almost anything. However, it's fairly tedious to raise one. Nidoking/Nidoqueen are more easily obtained, and also have very wide movepools. They are also good Ground-types until you can get Rhyhorn, though they face competition from Diglett for that role. They're sturdier than Diglett and more versatile, but slower.
A more support/utility type Pokemon is also an option. Something with a lot of status moves, perhaps, or something good at catching other Pokemon. Scyther (Fire Red only) and Farfetch'd can learn False Swipe, which will always leave the enemy with at least 1 HP, allowing you to whittle down something's health without worry. Scyther is also strong and fast in its own right, though it can't learn that many moves.
Otherwise, you can use this as a slot for a general HM slave. The core I listed lacks Flash, and won't have Cut until very late (only Rhydon can learn it, not Rhyhorn) so you'll need something to use those moves. Meowth is a good one for those if you're on Leaf Green, and comes with the bonus of the Pickup ability. Free items!

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Really great team. I seriously like it.
Only suggestion would be to use both Slash and Dragon claw on Charizard and use only one out of Fly and Aerial Ace.
U could also use Earthquake instead of Slash/Dragon claw
A great team that I would definitely use but I would rather have a Victreebell to replace Exeggutor then put a psychic type as my final choice, someone like Hypno, Mr. Mime or an Alakazam if you want to trade for it.
I noticed one thing about your team's speed. You could put Sunny Day on Exeggutor instead of the status moved. It's speed will double due to It's ability Chlorophyll.
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I don't like to use six Pokemon when I play. I use three/four max, but I always aim for three. (It's easier to train stronger Pokemon for the Elite4 when you have only three or four. By the time I reached the Elite4, Blastoise and Arcanine were level 62, and Zapdos was level 61. Zapdos was close to 62, but I didn't feel like leveling up anymore.) I just finished the game (for the umpteenth time), and I used the following:

  1. Blastoise (Starter/Water): Surf (W), Ice Beam (I), Earthquake (G), and Bite (D)
  2. Arcanine (Fire): Dig (G), Body Slam (N), Flamethrower (F), and Double-Edge (N)
  3. Zapdos (Electric/Flying): Drill Peck (Fl), Thunderbolt (E), Thunderwave (E), Fly (Fl)

Blastoise is great, because it's a water Pokemon that can learn an ice move (for Lance's Dragon types) but doesn't have the Ice type's weaknesses.

Arcanine was supposed to be a legendary Pokemon, so it's a beast. Definitely the best Fire Pokemon in the game!

Yes, Zapdos is a legendary, but I've trained so many electric types that just don't compare. By the time I get to the Elite4, I realize they were just a waste of my time. So as soon as I can use Surf outside of battle, I go back to grab Zapdos. (And by this time, my other two Pokemon are already at a level 50, so it's easier to catch.)

W: Water
I: Ice
G: Ground
D: Dark
F: Fire
N: Normal
E: Electric
Fl: Flying

But with this team, you can't go wrong. Good luck!

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Venusaur Leaf Green Team

Venusaur / Ninetales / Starmie / Raichu
/ Dodrio / Dugtrio

Venusaur @ Leftovers

Ability : Overgrow
Serious Nature

  • Giga Drain / Razor Leaf
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Leech Seed
  • Toxic / Sleep Powder

Venusaur is pretty bulky and works well in stalling. Serious Nature was there because Venusaur is a Mixed Attacker, and any nature decreasing Defensive Stats would be bad. Speed reducing Natures are bad either. Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb are the main STAB. Giga Drain combined with Leftovers give him some decent recovery, which is great in-game for lasting Long in battles. But do remember that it has Low PP, so Razor Leaf is an option for STAB. Toxic and Leech Seed are mainly for taking down Bulkier opponents. Sleep Powder is for catching Pokemon. You can reset to get the nature you want. Some other like Hardy or Docile works too. This was the Obvious starter if you are playing Leaf Green.

Ninetales @ Charcoal

Ability : Flash Fire
Modest/Timid Nature

  • Overheat / Fire Blast
  • Flamethower
  • Confuse Ray / Attract
  • Dig / Will-O-Wisp

Ninetales, even with a bad movepool, still performs well as a Special Sweeper in game. It is a quite decent Pokemon to use which is only viable in Leaf Green. Other fire types like Arcanine can be special too, but I prefer a fully special one on this team. It gets Flamethower at Vulpix while at a early level unlike other fire types. Overheat and Fire Blast are used for Power and can deal with some mons that still hang on despite being hit by Flamethower. Dig is for escaping Dungeons. Put Dig on it if you don't want it on Dugtrio. Will-O-Wisp burns some bulkier opponents. Confuse Ray and Attract really screws the opponent, bulky or not. Give it Flash Fire to support some team members that are weak to fire. Ninetales' Charcoal-Boosted STAB moves in Sunny Day support provided by Dugtrio would definitely hit like a Truck.

Starmie @ Nevermelt-Ice

Ability : Natural Cure
Modest/Timid Nature

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam / Blizzard
  • Thunderbolt / Thunder
  • Psychic

I love Starmie. It has always been a Favourite of mine. It gets a great movepool and has a great speed at 115. It will be your main key to taking on Gengars and Dragonites using Ice Beam and Psychic. Bolt-Beam gets really good coverage, and Starmie is a great Pokemon to make use of it. Natural Cure saves your time to buy Antidotes and Full Heals. Surf and Psychic are the main STAB moves. It will be your surfer, this should be known. Other abilities like Illuminate works great in finding Rare Pokemon and shinies too. Nevermelt-Ice boosts Ice Beam, allowing Starmie to OHKO Dragonites with Ice Beam. Twisted Spoon is an option, but you can only find that on wild Pokemon which is really time consuming. Also, if you can't get Ice Beam and Thunderbolt, I suggest you replace them with Blizzard or Thunder.

Raichu @ Leftovers

Ability : Static
Serious Nature

  • Thunderbolt
  • Brick Break
  • Flash / Rain Dance
  • Strength / Thunder

Raichu is gotten pretty early and does well defeating Misty although Venusaur is already there. I put Leftovers on him because Magnet can only be found on wild Magneton. Thunderbolt is main STAB. Brick Break is coverage against Onix and Golem. Flash and Strength and HMs needed in-game and will be replace with Rain Dance and Thunder if rematching the E4. Rain Dance can provide support for Starmie, while Thunder could be Spamed under Rain with full accuracy, allowing Raichu to sweep. Electabuzz can also work well since it's movepool and Stats are somehow similar to Raichu. But it can only be gotten in Fire Red. You might wanna trade for it. Black Belt is also an option for him to hold to boost Brick Break. But I heard that it is only obtained by stealing items from other Trainers.

Dodrio @ Silk Scarf

Ability : Early Bird / Run Away
Adamant Nature

  • Drill Peck
  • Tri Attack / Double Edge
  • Agility
  • Fly / Steel Wing

Dodrio is the best flying type for a physical sweeper. After one or two Agility, Dodrio's Speed can reach impressive levels, meaning no one in-game can outspeed it. It will be your flyer. You can replace fly with Steel Wing for coverage if you rematch the E4. Drill Peck is main STAB move. Tri Attack is also STAB, an will be replaced with Double Edge for more power which is only accessible once you reach the Victory Road. Early Bird and Run Away are great abilities that are hard to choose from so it's up to you. You can sweep through Bruno with it. It will not disappoint you most of the times while sweeping. Double Edge can destroy types that does not resist it, especially when paired with Silk Scarf. Just beware of Steel types, because it walls Dodrio. But you can still switch out, right?

Dugtrio @ Amulet Coin / (No Item)

Ability : Arena Trap
Adamant/Jolly Nature

  • Earthquake
  • Thief / Dig
  • Rock Smash / Rock Slide
  • Cut / Sunny Day

Dugtrio's great speed is really a blessing. He also works as a HM Slave which are necessary in game. With Thief on it, you can steal some useful stuff from Trainers and Wild Pokemon. Earthquake is mainly for STAB. Rock Smash and Cut are HMs. Dig is useful for saving PP for Earthquake and also used to escape annoying dungeons without having to use an Escape Rope. It is your main pursuit against roaming Pokemon and deals with Electric types which can really be annoying if you don't have a proper Ground type. You should try to bring him in for every battle since Amulet Coin can give you lots of money to buy TMs. If you rematch the E4, you should replace the HMs with Rock Slide and Sunny Day. Sunny Day provides support for Ninetales and Rock Slide provides excellent coverage with Earthquake.

Note : You can get another HM slave to cover other HMs that I have not listed.

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The best six man team depends on the starter Char,lapras,jolteon/electrode,exeggutor,dragonite,snorlax/nidoking...vens,acranine,lapras,dragonite,pidgeot/fearow,nidoking....blast,arcanine,electrode,exeggutor,dragonite,pidgeot/fearow.... all have there use most are powerful....all fire types are for each team are gonna run fire blast , flamethrower ,dig/fly and bite/slash....water types run surf hyropump,ice beam, then body slam/bite....grass types razor leaf/mega drain,sleep powder,cut,physic/sludge bomb....birds,fly,hyper beam,wing attack,then sand attack or flash....dragonites flamethrower,thunder,blizzard,outrage...electric types thunder,thunderbolt,thunder wave,stomp/pin missle/sonic boom....nidoking earthquake,surf,megahorn,then a number can work but I put blizzard...snorlax bodyslam,surf,earthquake,then hyper beam or something strong

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This is a team I think will serve one well in a playthrough.


Razor Leaf
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb/Vine Whip

Razor Leaf, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb and Vine Whip are all strong STAB moves with the first three having their own advantages: Razor Leaf has a high critical hit ratio, Giga Drain to replenish health and Sludge Bomb can cause poisoning. You can switch it out for Vine Whip since you can only get the TM for it after you beat all the gym leaders. Cut is an HM.


Shock Wave
Iron Tail

Thunderbolt and Shock Wave are strong STAB moves that can cause paralysis. Iron Tail is compensation for the lack of a Steel type, and it helps that most of the Kanto Ground types are part Rock, which is weak to Steel. Flash is an HM.


Aerial Ace
Drill Peck

Drill Peck and Aerial Ace are strong STAB moves, with Aerial Ace never missing. Fly is also a good STAB move , an HM, and on the turn you use it, most attacks can't hit you. Pursuit is compensation for the lack of a Dark type, and to take advantage of its immunity to Ghost types.


Bone Club
Rock Smash

Bone Club and Bonemerang are strong STAB moves, as well as Marowak's trademark moves. Dig is also a strong STAB move, an HM, and on the turn you use it most attacks can't hit you. Rock Smash is an HM, as well as coverage against Ice types.


Ice Beam

Ice Beam is a strong STAB move that can cause freezing. Surf and Waterfall are also good STAB moves, as well as HMs. Psychic is compensation for the lack of a Psychic type. Also Lapras is said to have psychic powers, so might as well cash in on it.

Arcanine(Fire Red only)

Flame Wheel
Fire Blast

The first three are all strong STAB moves, with all of them being able to cause burns. Strength is an HM. Though for Flamethrower I'd recommend either holding off on evolving Growlithe, spend a lot of time in the game corner, or use a heart scale.

If you have Leaf Green then use this:

Magmar(Leaf Green only)

Fire Punch
Fire Blast

The first three are all strong STAB moves, with all of them being able to cause burns. Strength is an HM.

Thanks for reading and tell me in the comments what you think of this team.

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1 Charizard

                          Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Pulse

2 Pikachu

                     Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, slam

3 Lapras

                   Hydro pump, Waterfall, Ice beam,  Thunder

4 Dragonite

                        Surf, Ice beam, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower

5 Snorlax

                 Rock smash, Strength, Earthquake, Ice Punch

6 Scizzor

                   Cut, Metal claw, air slash, Energy ball
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It depends on your starter:

If your starter is: Charmander, i suggest:
Off course: Charizard - Blast Burn, Flamethrower or Heat Wave or Dragon Claw, Fly, Fire Blast

Water: Gyarados or Seadra (Due to the Fact that they are part Dragon Types which is a great advantage)- Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Rage (For Gyarados) or Rain Dance (For Seadra to increase its speed and Damage).

Grass: Exeggutor or VilePlume - Exeggutor: Psychic, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Suuny Day or Calm Mind
                                                              VilePlume: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Solar Beam, Sunnny Day

Electric: Raichu, Zapdos, or Magneton (Electabuzz will also do)- Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Double Team (Raichu); Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thuner Wave, Lock On (Magneton); Agility, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave (Electabuzz).

Rock/Ground: Nidoking (FR), Nidoqueen (LG), Golem - Rock Slide, Earthquake, MegaHORN(Nidoqueen and Nidoking Only)Sandstorm, Rock Blast

Last Type: Preferably Bug instead of Psychic because the Champion's Last Pokemon is Alakazam which is Psychic meaning choosing a Psychic type can result to ineffectiveness.

Preferred Bug Types
Beedrill: High Speed, can over come Alakazam
Moveset: Twineedle, Pin Missile, Sludge Bomb, Agility

Heracross: High Attack
Move Set: Megahorn, BrickBreak, Horn Attack, Bulk Up

Pinsir Actually should be great but he doesn't learn any Bug Types during the game
Gyarados is water/ flying and seadra is pure water.Kingdra is water/ dragon
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Petal Dance

Blast Burn

Shadow Ball
Sleep Powder

Iron Tail

Ice Beam
Fire Blast

Sheer Cold
Hydro Pump

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Best Team: Charizard, Nidoking, Starmie, Jolteon, Dragonite, Bellsprout (HM Slave)

Charizard: Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Claw, Strength

When you get Charmander it can take on the first gym as it learns Metal Claw to kill the Rock Types. Then, as you come out of Mt. Moon, there is a move tutor that can teach it Mega Kick - For the second Gym. It can defeat these types with its moves: Grass, Ice, Steel, Bug, Fighting and Dragon. It is weak to: Water, Rock and Electric.

Nidoking: Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Megahorn and Rock Slide. Catch a NidoranFemale before you go into Mt. Moon. Then when you take the underground tunnel, trade for a NidoranMale - NidoranMale has better attack, plus from the trade it will gain boosted EXP. It can defeat these types with its moves: Rock, Fire, Steel, Electric, Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, Flying and Bug. It is weak to: Water, Ice, Psychic and Ground.

Starmie: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam and Confuse Ray. Catch a Staryu in Verilimon City and evolve it with a Water Stone. Starmie is very fast and has really high special attack. It can defeat these types with its moves: Fire, Rock, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Flying, Dragon and Grass. It is weak to: Electric, Grass, Dark, Ghost and Bug.

Jolteon: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave and Hyper Beam. In Celadon City, in a building, there is an Eevee - evolve it to Jolteon with a Thunder Stone. Jolteon has extremely high special attack and will out speed almost anything. It can defeat these types with its moves: Water and Flying.It is weak to: Ground.

Dragonite: Outrage, Fly, WaterFall, Flamethrower. Catch a Dratini/Dragonair in the Safari Zone. Very powerful. It can defeat these types with its moves: Dragon, Grass, Fighting, Bug, Rock, Ground, Fire, Steel and Ice. It is weak to: Dragon, Ice and Rock.

Bellsprout (HM Slave): Cut, Flash, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder. Bellsprout can use Cut to get you through small trees and Flash for dark caves. You can catch it in Cerulean City.

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Preview: Venusaur, Starmie, Hitmonlee, Lapras, Dugtrio, Dodrio

Vine Whip/Mega Drain
Razor Leaf

Starmie-Pallet Town, Super Rod, Route 12
Surf/Shock Wave

Hitmonlee-Fighting Dojo
Seismic Toss
Brick Break

Lapras-Silph Co
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Dugtrio-Diglett’s Cave

Dodrio-Safari Zone
Tri Attack
Drill Peck

Butterfree-Viridian Forest, Temporary, replace with Starmie
Sleep Powder

Spearow-Route 3, Temporary, replace with Dodrio
Fury Attack
Aerial Ace

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Really? Spearow?
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Team Preview:
Venosaur - grass
Dodrio - flying
Gyarados - water/dragon
Raichu - electric
Snorlax - fighting
Arcanine - Fire

Venosaur - Grass Type Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Razor Leaf - Cut - Bulletseed/Solarbeam - Sleeppowder
Notes: I try to spread my HMs evenly across my main team so Cut falls on the grass type. Razor Leaf is a useful STAB, Bulletseed very useful until later stages in the game and sleeppowder makes catching Pokemon easier. Oh and its a starter Pokemon that levels pretty quickly an is useful against the first two gyms.

Dodrio - Flying type
Ability - Run Away
Moveset: Drillpeck - Fly - TriAttack - (last one is totally up to player)
Notes: Best of the non legendary bird types, can learn fly, great STAB moves. Immune to ground and ghost, strong against grass and bug. Get quite late in the game but comes at a fairly high level.

Raichu - Electric
Ability: Static
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shockwave, Flash
Notes: Electric Pokemon are probably one the strongest types in firered. Could change flash for quick attack so not to heavily dependent on elemental based moves but thats optional.

Snorlax - Fighting
Ability: Immune
Moveset: Rest - Snore - Strength - Bodyslam
Notes: Strong starting stats, most would get rid of rest/snore but they can be really helpful in tough situations, if Snorlax is last man standing you can depend on him to play the long game! Plus he is immune to poison and other annoying bug type moves.

Arcanine - Fire
Ability - Intimidate
Moveset: Fireblast - Flamethrower - Overheat - Dig
Notes: Strong overall stats. Was originally going to be a legendary Pokemon hence the stats.

Gyarados - Water Dragon
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Surf - Hyper Beam- Hydro Pump - Earthquake
Notes: If you can go through the pain of leveling him up from magikarp then its worth it. A very cool Pokemon, very strong against a number of types, loses some of the weakeness of normal waters due to the dragon part, can learn very powerful moves. I level it up by just using Magikarp for each fight then swapping to the suitable Pokemon so it gains half exp. Only need to get it to level 20 and can have it pretty early on.

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1. Snorlax is Normal types
2.If using Snore,then use Belly Drum aa well.So the set becomes Belly Drum, Shadow Ball, Rest and Snore.
3.Give Arcanine ExtremeSpeed instead of Overheat.
4.Gyarados is Water/Flying and not Water/Dragon.
5.Don't recommend Gyarados due to low special attack and largely special movepool
Otherwise Nice team
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For in-game, I don't worry too much about stats and types. I go with the following:

Squirtle starter
Surf, Waterfall, Rainy Day, Skull Bash

Traded my nidoran
Thrash/Body Slam, Megahorn/Superpower, Earthquake, Thunderbolt

Traded my Spearow
Aerial Ace, Fly, Cut, False Swipe

Mr. Mime
Traded Abra
Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Baton Pass

Traded Poliwhirl
Lovely Kiss, Dream Eater, Ice Beam, Attract

Jolteon (though I was going to say Lickitung?)
Thunderbolt, Shockwave, Thunderwave, Double Team

This team will be very easy to raise with the boosted xp of all traded Pokemon and gives a decent type spread. Mr. Mime's Baton Pass is very handy after a calm mind or two. Use Farfetched's False Swipe and Jolteon's thunderwave (or Jynx's lovely kiss) to help capture the legendary Pokemon.

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My in game team with HMs. Venusaur/ Arcanine/ Jolteon/ Snorlax/ Lapras/ Dodrio.

Grass/ Poison
Venusaur. (overgrow)
- Giga Drain (TM19)
- Frenzy Plant (Move Tutor)
- Sludge Bomb (TM 36)
- Cut (HM)

Arcanine. (flash fire)
- Flamethrower (TM 35)
- Fire Blast (TM 38)
- Extreme Speed (Lv 49)
- Rock Smash (HM)

Jolteon. (volt absorb)
- Thunderbolt (TM 24)
- Shadow Ball (TM 30)
- Dig (TM 28)
- Toxic (TM 6)

Snorlax. (thick fat)
- Earthquake (TM 26)
- Rest (Lv 25)
- Strength (HM)
- Yawn (Lv 21)

Water/ Ice
Lapras. (water absorb)
- Surf (HM)
- Ice Beam (Lv 31)
- Psychic (TM 29)
- Waterfall (HM)

Dodrio. (early bird)
- Aerial Ace (TM 40)
- Fly (HM)
- Tri Attack (Lv 21)
- Rest (TM 44)

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