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Allowed by Pokemaster as you can read here. The answers I will provide will give a good example of how this should be done.

  • Six Pokemon are required and while legendaries can be suggested, do remember that many people do not like using them because of how easy it makes the game. You might also want to keep the starter.
  • Moves are required for each Pokemon.
  • You should make sure to take into account that some people cannot trade, nor do they want to use cheating devices such as AR. As such, suggesting Machamp or giving multiple Pokemon the Earthquake attack when they can only learn it by TM is not a good idea.
  • Items, EVs, and Natures are not required.
  • Please provide ample explanation.

Since this is Gen III, types are determined differently.





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Am I able to do this with Platinum?
Am I able to ask this question in Ruby?
I'm surprised that only 1 person has suggested Blastoise and that he didn't mention that Nidoking and Nidoqueen provide great coverage.

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Team preview: Charizard, Golduck/Starmie, Raichu, Raticate, Snorlax, Nidoking/Nidoqueen

Charizard - Fire-Flying
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: [Fly][Flamethrower][Earthquake][Dragon Dance/Swords Dance]

Your starter. Fly is HM and gains STAB. Flamethrower gains STAB. Earthquake to take some Rock- and Electric- types. Dragon Dance or Swords Dance to boost your attack

Golduck - Water
Ability: Cloud Nine
Moveset: [Waterfall][Surf][Ice Beam][Calm Mind]

>Surfer of the team. Waterfall and Surf is HM and gains STAB. Ice Beam is to take some Grass-types. Calm Mind is to help Golduck resist some Grass-type moves. He is for FireRed

Starmie - Water-Psychic
Ability: Natural Cure
Moveset: [Surf][Waterfall][Ice Beam][Thunderbolt]

Surfer of the team. Waterfall and Surf is HM and gains STAB. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt is boltbeam coverage. She is for LeafGreen

Raichu - Electric
Ability: Static
Moveset: [Thunderbolt][Iron Tail/Brick Break][Seismic Toss][Flash]

Love Raichu♥. Thunderbolt gains STAB. Iron Tail or Brick Break is to take some Rock-types that haves Earthquake(Iron Tail if you choice use Nidoking, Brick Break if you choice use Nidoqueen). Seismic Toss is to deal some damages in Ground-types. Flash is HM.

Raticate - Normal
Ability: Run Away
Moveset: [Cut][Rock Smash][Strength][Endeavor/Super Fang]

Your slave. Cut, Rock Smash and Strength is HMs. Endeavor may help you if your Raticate have much speed. If don't have enough you may put Super Fang.

Snorlax - Normal
Ability: Immunity
Moveset: [Return][Body Slam][Flamethrower][Shadow Ball/Psychic]

Best Normal-type Pokemon. Return and Body Slam gains STAB plus Body Slam have a chance to paralyz the target. Flamethrower is to take some Steel-types. Shadow Ball or Psychic is just to take some other types.

Nidoking/queen - Poison-Ground
Ability: Poison Point
Moveset: [Megahorn/Superpower][Brick Break/Shadow Ball][Sludge Bomb][Dig]

The King and Queen. Megahorn is to take some Psychic-types(Nidoking) or Superpower to take some Ice-types(Nidoqueen). Brick Break is to cover Ice-type weakness(Nidoking) or Shadow Ball to cover Psychic-type weakness(Nidoqueen). Sludge Bomb and Dig gains STAB.

Hope it helps ^_^

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Golduck is exclusive to Fire red while Starmie is exclusive to Leaf green @SNINJA.
Starmie and golduck don't BOTH need surf and waterfall, you should replace one with psychic or shadow ball. Either that or entirely get rid of golduck, which tbh, sucks in every way possible. ALL it's stats are in the yellow. That goes for Nidoqueen and Nidoking, too.
Please read before criticizing @xtreme evoboost - Golduck and Starmie are exclusive to FireRed and LeafGreen, respectively. It's also a matter of preference for the user to pick from Nidoking or Nidoqueen, RainyThunderDragon didn't mean for them to be on a team together.
I feel there was no research put into this list. Most of the moves selected do not highlight the chosen Pokemon's strong points, and, sadly, over half the Pokemon chosen in the first place are garbage! I don't mean to disrespect, but there are just way better options for the type selected. Charizard and Snorlax were okay... But their chosen moves are not... The rest can be replaced easily.
Poliwrath > Starmie/Golduck because 1. Golduck sucks, and, 2. Starmie is Water/Psychic with weak stats; best to cover water's job with other attack types (Ground, Rock, Ice, Fighting) and to cover psychic's job with AT LEAST a real psychic Pokemon.
Jolteon > Raichu
Raticate is just an awful choice.
Rhydon > King/Queen
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My team: Charizard, Nidoking, Victreebel, Hitmonlee, Snorlax, Starmie


  • Fly (HM02)
  • Flamethrower (Lvl 34)
  • Slash (Lvl 44)
  • Blast Burn (Move Tutor at Cape Brink)

Charizard has very good Sp. Atk. and all around good stats. It is the fire type starter. It is weak to: Rock(x4), Water(x2) and Electric(x2). Ground attacks will have no effect on Charizard. Fly is a strong flying type move, and also a useful HM. Flamethrower is a very strong fire type move that may cause a burn on the foe. Slash is good because of the high critical hit ratio. Blast Burn is Charizard's signature move and is an extremely powerful fire type move. Unfortunately the user of Blast Burn must recharge next round. Charizard has the ability Blaze that boosts fire type moves by 50% when the Pokémon's HP is under a third of its maximum.


  • Megahorn (Lvl. 43)
  • Earthquake (TM26)
  • Thrash (Lvl. 22)
  • Iron Tail (TM23)

Nidoking has all around good stats. The Attack is the best. You can catch Nidoran(Male) Lvl. 5-9 after you've beaten the first gym. It is weak to: Psych(x2), Ice(x2), Water(x2) and Ground(x2). Electric attacks will have no effect on Nidoking. Megahorn is the strongest bug type move in the game, and it has no additional effects. Earthquake is a very strong ground type move, and will do double damage on foes that is underground during Dig. Thrash is a strong normal type move that confuses the user after two-three turns. Iron Tail is a very good steel type move that may lower the opponents defense. Nidoking has the ability Poison Point that may poison the foe on contant.


  • Sludge Bomb (TM36)
  • Sunny Day (TM11)
  • Solarbeam (TM22)
  • Sleep Powder (Lvl. 15)

Victreebel has great Attack and Sp. Atk. You can catch Bellsprout Lvl. 8-12 in the grass north of Cerulean City. It is weak to: Fire(x2), Flying(x2), Ice(x2) and Psych(x2). Sludge Bomb is a strong poison type move that may poison the foe. Sunny Day is good combinated with Solarbeam. Solarbeam is an extremely powerful grass type move that will only work when the sun is out. Sleep Powder makes the foe fall asleep, and is good for hard battles and for catching Pokémon. Victreebell has the ability Chlorophyll that raises it's Speed in sunshine.


  • Rock Slide (Move Tutor in Rock Tunnel)
  • Brick Break (Lvl. 20)
  • Strength (HM04)
  • Bulk Up (TM08)

Hitmonlee has awesome Attack and Sp. Def. You can get Hitmonlee Lvl. 25 from the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. It is weak to: Psych(x2) and Flying(x2). Rock Slide is a good rock type move that makes it easier to deal with birds. Brick Break is powrful and will break barriers like Reflect and Light Screen. Strength is a good normal type move, and a useful HM. Bulk Up raises the user's Attack and Defense by one step and is good for strategy battling. Hitmonlee has the ability Limber, so it can't be paralyzed.


  • Body Slam (Lvl. 33)
  • Shadow Ball (TM30)
  • Brick Break (TM31)
  • Yawn (Lvl. 21)

Snorlax has awesome HP, Attack and Sp. Def. You can catch two Snorlax after you've got the PokéFlute. It is weak to: Fighting(x2). Ghost attacks will have no effect on Snorlax. Body Slam is a normal type move that may paralyze the foe. Shadow Ball is a strong ghost type move that may lower the foe's Sp. Def. Brick Break is powerful and will break barriers as Reflect and Light Screen. Yawn make the foe fall asleep and is good for long battles and for cathcing legendaries.
Snorlax has the ability Thick Fat, so ice and fire attacks will do less damage.


  • Ice Beam (TM13)
  • Psychic (TM29)
  • Surf (HM03)
  • Thunderbolt (TM24)

Starmie has great Sp. Atk. and Speed. You can catch Staryu Lvl. 15-30 with the Super Rod several places in the game. It is weak to: Grass(x2), Electric(x2), Bug(x2), Dark(x2) and Ghost(x2). Ice Beam is very strong and may freeze the foe. Psychic is very good and may lower the foe's Sp. Def. Surf is a strong water type move, and a necessary HM. Thunderbolt is very powerful and may paralyze the foe. Starmie has the ability Natural Cure, so it will heal all status problems when switching out.

I've used this team a lot of times, and it really works good for me. I hope you try it out, cause it's a great combination. Good luck:)

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To prevent confusion by "sun is out", he means, that weather conditions other than full sun or no weather will  be the only times it will be effective, otherwise halved in sandstorm, rain or hail
Great team.Only problem is that it's exclusive to Leaf green.
For those who have Fire red, replace Starmie with a Lapras using the exact same moveset.
Victreebel can be replaced with Exeggutor having the same moveset but using Toxic/Psychic/Confusion instead of Sludge Bomb.
Also, if you don't mind being a bit reckless giving Charizard Double Edge to ensure that Blaze is utilized is also a nice idea.
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Bulbasaur as starter: Venusaur, Dugtrio, Jolteon, Lapras, Snorlax, Fearow

Venusaur: Razor Leaf/Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder, Cut/Strength/Sludge Bomb, Earthquake
Your starter evolution if you chose Bulbasaur.
Razor Leaf provides a STAB attack with a lot more PP than Giga Drain. Frenzy Plant is actually a good move for an ingame run, so it can be used as a good finishing blow to the foe. Unfortunately SLudge Bomb is only available as a TM later in the game, after the Elite 4, and as such is not as much a viable ingame move. You can replace Cut for it when you do get it though. Strength can also be used as an HM over Cut, if your Snorlax is wanting Thunderbolt or Thunder this is a good idea. Sleep Powder can give Venusaur the chance to win some otherwise tough battles and also makes it easier to catch wild Pokemon. Cut is an HM. Earthquake is high powered and provides coverage.

Dugtrio: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rock Smash/Cut, Rock Slide
You can catch Dugtrio at Level 31 in Diglett's Cave, which at that point in the game might be a higher level than your starter Pokemon. If not, then it will still likely be a higher level than the rest of your team. With high Speed and solid Attack, Dugtrio is a solid Pokemon for ingame. Arena Trap even makes wild encounters more likely, which can be helpful for training or finding a specific Pokemon. Earthquake is very high powered STAB with great coverage. Aerial Ace is coverage, as is Rock Slide. Rock Smash is an HM move, although if Venusaur is using Sludge Bomb or Strength you might want to use Cut.

Jolteon: Thunder/Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Double Kick, Rain Dance/Flash
A powerful Electric type, it has excellent sweeping stats and so can do huge damage. Volt Absorb is also a solid ability, as immunities are even better ingame than in competitive. It might not have much of a movepool but it still proves itself a helpful member of the team. Thunderbolt is unfortunately a TM, so if you want Lapras to have it, Thunder is the way to go. Thunder is also the way to go if using Rain Dance. Pin Missile helps out against the Abra family. Double Kick against Normal types such as Snorlax. Rain Dance gives Thunder 100% accuracy, strengthens Lapras's Water type attacks, and removes Venusaur's Fire weakness. Flash however can get rid of your foe's accuracy, making wild Pokemon and stronger foes do nothing to you, as well as provides you with an HM. However, Flash is not one of those needed HMs, as some people can navigate through the caves without its use. If you have trouble with this though, Flash is the way to go.

Lapras: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt/Thunder
Your Water HM Slave. It is used over other Water types mainly due to its STAB Ice attacks. Lapras proves incredibly useful against the Elite 4. Surf is considered by many to be the most important of the HM moves and it also is an awesome attack. Waterfall can back up a Surf that is out of PP, but more importantly it is an HM. Ice Beam is a great STAB move. Thunderbolt is coverage, although Thunder can be used if running Rain Dance on Jolteon.

Snorlax: Return, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Strength/Thunderbolt/Thunder/Focus Punch
Snorlax is an excellent Pokemon, having high stats, two useful abilities, and a good movepool. It also comes at a decently high level, not Dugtrio high, but good enough for that point in the game. Return hits hard with STAB. Shadow Ball gets coverage as well as hits any Gengars that Agatha uses against you. Flamethrower provides coverage also. The last move has mutliple solid options. Strength is an HM that backs up the PP of Return. However, you can use Thunderbolt or Thunder (depending which you used on Lapras) to provide type coverage. Focus Punch is the final choice, and it can be useful as an incredibly high powered attack when your opponent uses a status move. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the AI, this might not be your best option.

Fearow: Drill Peck, Fly, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam
Your Flying type. You get it early on in the game, meaning you can start training it right away. Fly is a favored HM because it lets you get from place to place with ease. Drill Peck is a much more useful move for battling though. Steel Wing provides type coverage. STAB Hyper Beam is a powerful finishing move, and is actually good for ingame use.

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The Arena Trap out of battle effect is only from Pokemon Emerald and above, ie, ineffective in FRLG
1.Venusaur set nice,but a one with leech seed would be better.
2.Don't recommend double kick and pin missile on Jolteon due to pitiful attack.
3.Don't use flamethrower,thunder or thunderbolt on Snorlax due to low Sp.attack.
4.Use substitute on Snorlax if running focus punch.
That's all. Nice team apart from this
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Charizard as starter:Charizard,Tyranitar,Heracross,Snorlax,Hypno,Dewgong



Steel Wing
Dragon Claw

Strong Attack and Speed,two are STAB others are Powerful Moves.


Rock Slide

Along with type and with good stats,he is an excellent sweeper.


Brick Break
Rock Tomb
Mega Horn

Good Attack stat and move pool for type coverage poor special attack and ev training in attack would sweep the opponent away in no time.


Shadow Ball
Snore/Sleep Talk

Very Good moves.With Shadow Ball And Return And With an advantage with rest and snore and good defensive stats,with the item leftovers,he is almost unstoppable.


Shadow Ball
Hidden Power (Fighting)

Good Shallow Attack Along With Type Coverage And STAB.


Ice Beam
Signal Beam

A Sturdy Water And Ice Type Pokemon.

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This one is AMAZING! Jynx is the most useful psychic in FR/LG and Hypno is like a replacement of Gengar. Also Lapras outstats Dewgong.
However, Signal Beam is a Bug type, which is useful against both Psychic and Dark types.

Also, I've used that exact Tyranitar before. It's just spectacular.
Vaporeon Is better than Lapras and Dewgong in terms of HP and Damage. I Recommend Vaporeon.
I agree but mew two is better with moveset::

This is a replacement for Hypno.

Alakazam works well too.
A replacement for dewgong is either walrein or kyogre
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Tyranitar family a post game catch?  Of course this set would still be useable via trades, but it's an important disclaimer.
Nice team.
My only suggestions would be to run belly drum on snorlax instead of return if running snore and to replace heat wave with flamethrower on Charizard as it has perfect accuracy and both do the nearly the same damage in the long run.
And yes Gen3isbest you are right.Larvitar can only be caught in Sevault Canyon which I think is there on Seven Island
Tyranitar is in 2nd gen, FireRed only has gen 1. Sorry, I love the T Tar myself. Maybe replace him with Dragonite?
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Team Preview: Charizard, Primeape, Raichu, Dugtrio, Snorlax, Lapras

Charizard @ Charcoal/Sharp Beak
Trait - Blaze

  • Flamethrower (STAB)
  • Fly (STAB + HM)
  • Dragon Claw (Coverage)
  • Steel Wing (Coverage)

Charizard is a great Pokémon in Special Attack and Speed and arguably the best Fire-Type option in the game.

Primeape @ Black Belt
Trait - Vital Spirit

  • Brick Break (STAB)
  • Bulk Up (Setting Up)
  • Earthquake (Coverage)
  • Thrash (Strong Filler)

Primeape is a great Pokémon in Attack and Speed and helps get past Brock at the beginning of the game.

Raichu @ Magnet
Trait - Static

  • Thunderbolt (STAB)
  • Thunderwave (Status)
  • Iron Tail (Coverage)
  • Dig (Coverage)

Raichu is very underrated and is actually a great Pokémon in offence and Speed and helps quite a lot in the game.

Dugtrio @ Soft Sand
Trait - Arena Trap

  • Earthquake (STAB)
  • Aerial Ace (Coverage)
  • Sludge Bomb (Coverage)
  • Tri-Attack (Filler)

Dugtrio is the ultimate revenge killer with great Speed and Attack and pretty powerful attacks and helps out with Lt. Surge.

Snorlax @ Silk Scarf
Trait - Thick Fat

  • Body Slam (STAB)
  • Shadow Ball (Coverage)
  • Yawn (Status)
  • Rest (Filler)

Snorlax has always been a great Pokémon with great HP, Attack and Special Defence and great movepool.

Lapras @ Mystic Water/NeverMeltIce
Trait - Water Absorb

  • Surf (STAB + HM)
  • Ice Beam (STAB)
  • Psychic (Coverage)
  • Thunderbolt (Coverage)

Lapras, just like Snorlax, has always been a great Pokémon with great stats across the board.

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Really great team.
Only suggestion is to run Snore/Sleep Talk on Snorlax so that it isn't useless during rest.
A personal favorite set of mine is
[email protected] Sitrus/Cheri berry(Don't remember the exact names.One restores 30 HP, other wakes up from sleep)
Belly Drum
Earthquake/Shadow Ball/Any physical filler
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Charmander as starter: Charizard, Primeape, Parasect, Dugtrio, Jolteon, Lapras

Charizard: Fly, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Return
Your starter Pokemon. Flamethrower is STAB of course and has better PP and accuracy than Fire Blast and Heat Wave. Dragon Claw hits off of Charizard's higher Special Attack and provides perfect neutral coverage with Flamethrower. Of course, Dragon Claw has awful Super-Effective coverage, only helping out against Lance. Return is a high powered attack with a lot of PP. So it is good for ingame use. Fly is one of those HMs that I couldn't do without. On Charizard it gets STAB. Fly is a good move for ingame use, as your opponent will never switch out.

Primeape: Brick Break, Earthquake, Thief, Strength
It proves its worth early if you haven't leveled up Charmander enough to get Metal Claw. And with solid offense and solid Speed, in addition to Vital Spirit (no sleep clause ingame can get you) Primeape is a solid addition to any team. Brick Break is STAB with a good amount of PP and reliable accuracy (unlike Cross Chop). Earthquake is high powered coverage. Thief can hit the Gengar line but its main use is to steal items from Wild Pokemon. Strength is an HM move.

Parasect: Spore, Cut, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain
-Spore is for use in catching Wild Pokemon, and helps Parasect actually take down foes. Cut is an HM. Sludge Bomb is one of the most powerful attacks this thing gets. Giga Drain is STAB.

Dugtrio: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rock Smash, Rock Slide
You can catch Dugtrio at Level 31 in Diglett's Cave, which at that point in the game might be a higher level than your starter Pokemon. If not, then it will still likely be a higher level than the rest of your team. With high Speed and solid Attack, Dugtrio is a solid Pokemon for ingame. Arena Trap even makes wild encounters more likely, which can be helpful for training or finding a specific Pokemon. Earthquake is very high powered STAB with great coverage. Aerial Ace is coverage, as is Rock Slide. Rock Smash is an HM move.

Jolteon: Thunder/Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Double Kick, Rain Dance/Flash
A powerful Electric type, it has excellent sweeping stats and so can do huge damage. Volt Absorb is also a solid ability, as immunities are even better ingame than in competitive. It might not have much of a movepool but it still proves itself a helpful member of the team. Thunderbolt is unfortunately a TM, so if you want Lapras to have it, Thunder is the way to go. Thunder is also the way to go if using Rain Dance. Pin Missile helps out against the Abra family. Double Kick against Normal types such as Snorlax. Rain Dance gives Thunder 100% accuracy, strengthens Lapras's Water type attacks, and helps with Parasect's Fire weakness. Flash however can get rid of your foe's accuracy, making wild Pokemon and stronger foes do nothing to you, as well as provides you with an HM. However, Flash is not one of those needed HMs, as some people can navigate through the caves without its use. If you have trouble with this though, Flash is the way to go.

Lapras: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt/Thunder
Your Water HM Slave. It is used over other Water types mainly due to its STAB Ice attacks. Lapras proves incredibly useful against the Elite 4. Surf is considered by many to be the most important of the HM moves and it also is an awesome attack. Waterfall can back up a Surf that is out of PP, but more importantly it is an HM. Ice Beam is a great STAB move. Thunderbolt is coverage, although Thunder can be used if running Rain Dance on Jolteon.

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My team destroyed through the game


Smokescreen/Dragon Claw/ Flamethrower/ Arial Ace/ Mega Punch


Horn Attack/ Poison Sting/ Brick Break/ Megahorn


Poison Powder/ Giga Drain/ Acid/ Petal Dance/


Surf/ Bite/ Acid Armor/ Blizzard/ Ice Beam


Detect/ Ice Punch/ Thunder Punch/ Sky Uppercut

I leave the last spot open for necessary HM slaves

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5 moves on Charizard and Vaporeon. :P
Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Poison Powder, and Acid are so legit.
You could have just Replace Poison Sting and Acid With Sludge Bomb and Poison Powder with Toxic. Sludge Bomb is a STAB to Both Vileplume and Nidoking. You also forgot one Powerful Ground Move that is a STAB to Nidoking: Earthquake.
half these lists dont us the best fire types of them all; arcanine
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It depends on your starter:

If your starter is: Charmander, I suggest:

Off course: Charizard - Blast Burn, Flamethrower or Heat Wave or Dragon Claw, Fly, Fire Blast

Water: Gyarados or Seadra (Due to the Fact that they are part Dragon Types which is a great advantage)- Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Rage (For Gyarados) or Rain Dance (For Seadra to increase its speed and Damage).

Grass: Exeggutor or VilePlume - Exeggutor: Psychic, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Sunny Day or Calm Mind

                                                          VilePlume: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Solar Beam, Sunny Day

Electric: Raichu, Zapdos, or Magneton (Electabuzz will also do)- Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Double Team (Raichu); Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thuner Wave, Lock On (Magneton); Agility, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave (Electabuzz).

Rock/Ground: Nidoking (FR), Nidoqueen (LG), Golem - Rock Slide, Earthquake, MegaHORN(Nidoqueen and Nidoking Only)Sandstorm, Rock Blast

Last Type: Preferably Bug instead of Psychic because the Champion's Last Pokemon is Alakazam which is Psychic meaning choosing a Psychic type can result to ineffectiveness.

Preferred Bug Types
Beedrill: High Speed, can over come Alakazam
Moveset: Twineedle, Pin Missile, Sludge Bomb, Agility

Heracross: High Attack
Move Set: Megahorn, BrickBreak, Horn Attack, Bulk Up

Pinsir Actually should be great but he doesn't learn any Bug Types during the game

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I have Some corrections,

Charizard should be:

Blast Burn - Damage:150 STAB/ Fire Blast - Damage:120 More Reliable than Blast Burn
Earthquake - Damage:100 Anti rock/Electric
Dragon Claw - Damage:80 Strong Dragon Destroyer
Sunny Day - Status: Increases Fire Type Moves
Sunny Day combined with Solarbeam is an excellent combo
I Do Agree.
Actually u can get wild male nidoran in LG and wild female nidoran in FR its just that they are rare
See for yourself-
Scroll down a bit
Gyrados is a water, flying type and Seadra is a pure water type but got an evolution in the later games which made him water, dragon
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My team is doing extremely well
Fly, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Blast Burn
Surf, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Psychic
Dragon Claw, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast
Body Slam, Headbutt, Rest, Snore
Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Psychic, Thunder Punch
Psychic, Psybeam, Recover, Confusion

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If Your Starter Is Blastoise, I Suggest:

  • (Water)
    Blastoise - Surf/Hydro Pump/Hydro Cannon, Protect/Withdraw, Rain Dance, Ice Beam. - Blastoise Is a Great Pokemon if Your An Intermediate Trainer like what Prof. Oak said. "It is One Worth Raising", he also said. It is Because Blastoise is Both Offensive and Defensive. You can Choose Between Surf and Hydro Pump. All of You might say that Hydro Pump is Better because of its 120 base Power But When I once Chose Blastoise, I Chose Surf Because of its Reliable Accuracy. Hydro Cannon will also do but It makes Blastoise recharge but it is still up to you. About Protect and Rain Dance, You Can Boost Your Water Moves and Defense Simultaneously. Replacing Withdraw with Protect will also Do. Ice Beam is also a Convenient move for Obliterating Your Type Disadvantage: GRASS

  • (Fire)
    Arcanine(FR)/Ninetails(LG)/Rapidash/Flareon - Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Double Team (Arcanine,Ninetails,Flareon)/Agility (Rapidash),Extreme Speed (Arcanine)/ Fire Spin (Ninetails)/Stomp (Rapidash)/ Dig (Flareon) - All of the 3 (Arcanine,Rapidash,Ninetails) are good and reliable inside the Battle However, The 4th One was kinda "Underdog" due to its low defense and Speed making it incapable of Staying Longer in the Battle

  • (Grass)
    Exeggutor/Vileplume/Victreebel - Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Razor Leaf(Victreebel)/Giga Drain (Vileplume)/Hypnosis (Exeggutor), Psychic (Exeggutor)/Sleep Powder (Vileplume)/Stun Spore (Victreebel)

  • (Electric)
    Raichu - Thunder, Agility, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave/ Electabuzz - ThunderBolt, Mega Punch, Thunder Wave, Agility/Magneton - Lock-On, Thunder, Zap Cannon (If You can Grind on Leveling it up to 62), Metal Sound/Jolteon - Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Agility, Shadow Ball - If Your Confused about Raichu's Rain Dance, It is a Tactic making the THUNDER attack 100% Accurate. Thunder Attack cannot miss in Rainy Weather

  • Ground
    Nidoking(FR) - Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Brick Break, Mega Horn
    Nidoqueen(LG)- Superpower, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Body Slam

  • (Preferably Dragon Or Bug)
    Bug - I Suggest this type because of Gary's (Or Whatever you named him) Final Pokemon: Alakazam.

Preferred Bug Types:
Scyther(FR)- Fury Cutter, Swords Dance, Slash, Agility
High Speed with the combination of the move AGILITY and SWORDS DANCE, It might attack Alakazam OHKO with a Fury Cutter.

Pinsir(LG) - Brick Break, Swords Dance, Guillotine, Bulk Up.
Pinsir don't learn any Bug Types in the 3RD gen but he is still immune to Psychic Attacks. He might not be as fast as Scyther but his Defense is good making stay Quite Longer in the Battle.

  • Preferred Dragon Type
    The One and Only Dragon in FR and LG:

Dragonite - Fly, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Agility
Fly, Ourage, Dragon Claw are all STAB. Agility increases Dragonite's quite low Speed.

I Really Hope this Helped. :)

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yu used arcanine
Pinsir is NOT immune to Psychic moves, it only resists them.
Also Flareon might be slow but it more than makes up for it with it's high base 130 Attack stat and nice 95 base Special Attack stat.A nice moveset for it would be
[email protected]
Shadow Ball/Iron Tail
Sunny Day/Flamethrower
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-Dragon Rage
-Blast Burn (from the old lady in Cape Brink on Two Island)

Jolteon (Speed Freak)
-Shadow Ball
-Quick Attack

-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump
-Sheer Cold

-Wing Attack
- Hyper Beam

-Aerial Ace
-Wing Attack

-Sludge Bomb
-Giga Drain
-Sleep Powder

Level all your Pokemon to level 60 - 70 before challenging the Elite Four. Route 15 is an excellent training ground. Use your VS Seeker.

In challenging the Elite Four (their Pokemon's levels ranges from levels 50- 65):
Loreli - Ice Type
You need: Electric type / Fighting type (Electric type is enough because most of the Pokemon she uses are more of a water type than an ice type)

Bruno - Fighting Type
You need: Water type (for his Steelix. He's got two of them) / Flying type (for the rest of his Pokemon)

Agatha - Ghost Type
You need: Ghost type / Dark type (or a Pokemon that knows Bite or Shadow Ball)

Lance - Dragon Type
You need: Ice type (for his Dragonites) / Water type (for his Aerodactyl) / Electric type (for his Gyarados and Kingdra)

Champion - Any Type
If your starter is Charmander,
You need: Electric type / Grass type (for Blastoise and Pidgeot), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam and Exeggutor), Water type (for Rhydon and Arcanine)
If your starter is Squirtle,
You need: Fire type / Flying type / Psychic type (for Venusaur), Electric type (for Pidgeot and Gyarados), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam), Water type (for Rhydon and Arcanine)
If your starter is Bulbasaur,
You need: Water type (for Charizard and Rhydon), Electric type (for Pidgeot and Gyarados), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam and Exeggutor)

Hope this helps :)

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My team for fire red.
Bold moves have a STAB

Ability: Torrent
Type: Water

  1. Surf
    (good overall water move)
  2. Ice Beam
    (for grass and dragons)
  3. Earthquake
    (for electric types)
  4. Hydro Cannon
    (strong water move)

Ability: Volt Absorb
Type: Electric

  1. Thunderbolt
    (good overall electric move)
  2. Dig
    ( fellow electric types)
  3. Double Kick
    (type coverage)
  4. Thunder
    (strong electric move)

Alakazam (or Kadabra)
Ability: Synchronize
Type: Psychic

  1. Psybeam
    (good overall psychic move)
  2. Shadowball
    ( fellow psychic types)
  3. Recover
    (life saver)
    (strong psychic move)

Golem (or Graveler)
Ability: Rock Head
Type: Rock/Ground

  1. Earthquake
    (great ground move)
  2. Double Edge
    (perfect use of rock head)
  3. Rock Slide
    (flying types are toast)
  4. Brick Break
    ( fellow rock types)

Gengar (or Haunter)
Ability: Levitate
Type: Ghost/Poison

  1. Shadow ball
    (strong ghost move)
  2. Psychic
    (fighting types will be in trouble)
  3. Brick Break
    (type coverage against dark)
  4. Thunderbolt
    (good electric move and uses special stats)

Ability: Intimidate
Type: Fire

  1. Flametrower
    (good overall fire move)
  2. Arial ace
    (making arcanine allround)
  3. Bite
    (for ghosts and psychics)
  4. Fire Blast
    (strong fire move)
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Not everyone wants to spend 11,500 coins on those TM's. Boost that to 15,500 if you don't want to keep your Growlithe until level 49 or so to learn Flamethrower.
1. Blastoise set is great and I really liked it.
2. Don't use Dig and Double kick on Jolteon. He has way low attack and both these are physical.
3. Shadow ball bad on Alakazam,due to same reason as Jolteon
4. Golem is also good ,no suggestions for it.
5. Again,Shadow ball and Brick break bad on Gengar due to same reason as Jolteon and Alakazam.
6. Arcanine is OK but you don't need 2 STABs. Put ExtremeSpeed,Bite/Crunch,Aerial Ace and either of Flamethrower or Fire Blast.
Thats all.
@SKYHIGHMEGARAYQUAZA shadow ball is special attack not physical
Shadow ball is ghost type and all ghost type moves are physical in Generation 3.
Check it above @Lunith36. The Physical Special demarcation was made in Generation 4.
Before that whether a move considered physical or special depended upon it's type.You can check which types are physical and which special.It's mentioned in the question itself @Lunith36
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Preview: Venusaur, Arcanine, Gyarados, Rhydon, Gengar, Dragonite
I really want to hear your opinions, especially regarding Gyarados (compared to Lapras) and Rhydon (would I be better off with a Raichu / Jolteon / Golem / Nidoking / Snorlax / other). That being said, the team I have here has worked for me in the past and covers most types.

Venusaur (Grass / Poison):
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb
Maybe it's just me, but I find the grass type to be the weakest overall in Pokemon Fire Red. Venusaur has an average move set to go along with typical starter base stats (525). His stats are well rounded and make him a solid starter, despite many weaknesses (6). Due to these weaknesses, I do not even bother with coverage moves, like I will with the rest of my team. The Overgrow ability along with a Miracle Seed make his grass type moves borderline unstoppable.

Arcanine (Fire):
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, SolarBeam, Fire Blast
Arcanine is my personal favorite Pokemon of all time. He is "The Legendary Pokemon" for good reason, as he has the second highest base stat total in Fire Red, behind only Dragonite (Arcanine has 555). Personally, I use a a lot of fire type moves in his move set, as I generally use plenty of STAB moves, so I arm him with Charcoal and a lot of Special Attack EV's. SolarBeam is complete personal coverage, and paired with Sunny Day will attack in one turn. Further, Sunny Day will increase the effectiveness of his other Fire type moves. Overall, Arcanine is significantly better than Charizard, and allows me to use Venusaur, who is the best grass type available.

Gyarados (Water / Flying):
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Surf, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Earthquake
I am truly 50/50 between Lapras and Gyarados. Gyarados has slightly better stats (540 to 535) but suffers from poor Special Attack, which water moves are. I almost never use Flying or Normal type moves with him, so his high Attack stat is useless to me. In this case, though, Earthquake DOES take advantage of his high attack stat and provides some defense against deadly Electric type moves, even if just for one turn. I recommend getting some Special Attack EV's if you plan to use Gyarados, and also using a Mystic Water to boost the power of Surf and Hydro Pump further.

Dragonite (Dragon / Flying):
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Fly, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower / Brick Break, Outrage
First, I am unsure about Brick Break as a move. It stands alone, however, as the only fighting type move in my entire lineup, so I see it as somewhat important to have. Dragonite is simply too good to leave off of your team, though the time it takes to train Dragonair is painful. In the end, all of that seemingly wasted experience will yield the most destructive Pokemon in the game, disregarding legendaries. His base stat total of 600 is higher than every Pokemon in the game except Mewtwo, and his very ability to learn many TM's allows for his molding depending on your needs (He can learn Water Pulse, Surf, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and countless others). Thus, going back to Brick Break, it does cover two weaknesses, including the 4x Super-Effective Ice type, but Flamethrower can as well, though it leaves Rock and Electric Types wide open to wail on Dragonite. I recommend hitting Triple 7's over and over again, and getting the Dratini in Celadon (or use the Safari Zone) and then equipping it with a Dragon Fang or Leftovers to make him as powerful as possible.

Rhydon (Rock / Ground)
Ability: Lightning Rod
Moves: Earthquake, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Rock Blast
First, the ability. I hate both of Rhydon's ability. Lightning Rod is only effective in Double battles, but Rock Head has no use to me at all, since I don't use Take Down or any other move with recoil. This particular Rhydon's move set is my personal favorite, as 4 different types of moves are used. Therefore, Rhydon serves as my main coverage Pokemon, and can also defend himself from many types of enemies. That being said, there are many other suitable replacements for Rhydon, and I am interested to see what others use, as I am not sold on using Rhydon, due to his relatively low stats overall, especially compared to the aforementioned replacements.

Gengar (Ghost / Poison):
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Hypnosis + Dream Eater / Destiny Bond + Shadow Punch , Shadow Ball, Psychic
The odd thing about Gengar is that he is weak to the same types that he is Super-Effective on, which makes him an odd choice. That being said, his insane Special Attack and Speed ensure that you will have the first chance at damaging the foe, and generally with life-threatening damage. If you plan to use him as a primarily Ghost type Pokemon, then be sure to EV train for Attack (that corresponds with the 2nd move set) and Speed. If not, then EV train for Special Attack. Speed is vital if Destiny Bond is going to be in the move set because it gives the foe no time to stop using damaging attacks if used first, as the foe will attack 2nd after Destiny Bond has been used and likely cause itself to faint. I recommend giving Gengar a Twisted Spoon to assist Psychic and Dream Eater if using move set 1, or a Spell Tag if using move set 2.

That's all I've got. Please give any tips or suggestions. Although I have been playing this game for a lot of my childhood, and more so since I gave up on the newer games (Gen 5 and further) since they seemed pretty lame, I am relatively new to the more competitive nature where EV's, moves, coverage, and natures matter (I didn't include natures for time sake). Thus, any ideas or things to consider would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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Nice team overall.I even upvoted it but I have some suggestions to make it even better.
1. Sludge Bomb is available post-game, in the Sevii Islands so Venusaur is stuck with only one STAB option.
2.Leech Seed is great on Venusaur but the way you use Overgrow is also good.
3. Offensively,Exeggutor is better than Venusaur as a Grass type.
4. Arcanine is missing ExtremeSpeed which is great for netting Knock Outs on faster pokemon.Replace either of the STAB moves with it.
5. Lapras is way better than Gyarados but only before Gen 4. A Lapras with Surf, Ice Beam,Thunder/Thunderbolt qnd Rain Dance would be great.
6. If planning to use Gyarados,adding another physical move like Thrash would be better.
7.Nice Dragonite set.It would be better to use only Outrage and replace Dragon Claw with coverage if you use the Switch battle style.
8.Gengar sets are awesome,Set 1 being the better one.
9. Use Snorlax or Jolteon in place of Rhydon as that poor special attack makes special moves very weak.
Snorlax is better used with Lapras as she completes BoltBeam while Jolteon should be used as a dedicated Electric type if you use Gyarados.
That's all from my side.I know 9 suggestions are a lot but 1 and 3 are just disclaimers. Sorry if you think I am rude but hey I gave you your first upvote on this answer.
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Squirtle as starter:Blastoise,Raichu,Nidoking,Arcanine,Alakazam,Dragonite.

Blastoise-Water type.


Moveset-Surf,Hydro Cannon,Ice Beam,Skull Bash

Raichu-Electric type.


Moveset-Thunderbolt,Thunder(high power,low accuracy)or Shock Wave(low power,sure hit move),brick Break,Iron Tail

Nidoking-Poison/Ground type.

Ability-Poison Point

Moveset-Strength,,Megahorn,Earthquake,Rock Slide

Alakazam/Kadabra-Psychic type.


Moveset-Psychic,Shadow Ball,Recover,Calm Mind

Arcanine-Fire type.

Ability-Flash Fire

Moveset-Flamethrower,Extremespeed,Aerial Ace,Crunch/Bite/Overheat

Dragonite-Dragon/Flying type.

Ability-Inner Focus

Moveset-Fly,Dragon Claw,Outrage,Fire Blast

Well,That's my team!I hope you like it and will consider it for in game use!It is a great team and I wrecked the entire game with it!

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Nice team!I wish I could have voted your team but only some users are allowed to vote.
Totally cool! Awesome team, I really loved it. I use the same Arcanine it's really awesome. Only one suggestion, don't use 2 dragon type moves on Dragonite, it has a lot of better options. Earthquake or Hyper beam can be used to replace either of Dragon claw or Outrage. Dragon claw is weak but Outrage confuses you
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Team preview- Blastoise, Raichu, Graveler/Golem, Alakazam/Kadabra, Dragonite, Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee

BlastoiseMoveset-Surf, Bite, Ice Beam, Skull Bash
RaichuMoveset-ThunderBolt, Thunder, Thuderwave, Strength/Body Slam
GolemMoveset-Earthquake, Rock Slide, Explosion, Dig/Double Edge- Double Edge if you want to wait till lv. 62
Alakazam/KadabraMoveset-Psychic, Future Sight, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind
DragoniteMoveset-Dragon Claw, Fly, Outrage, Blizzard-Good against Lance along with dragon moves
HitmonchanMoveset- Sky Uppercut, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
HitmonleeMoveset-Brick Break, Hi Jump Kick/ Focus Punch, Bulk Up, Strength/ Body Slam- Opposite of Raichu

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My team: Charizard, Seadra, Gyarados, Electrode, Primeape, Alakazam

Charizard - Fire/ Flying
enter image description here
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Modest/ Timid
- Flamethrower
- Wing Attack
- Metal Claw/ Steel Wing
- Fly
Flying Red Lizard! My starter, obtained very early in the game. Flamethrower and Wing Attack gain STAB, Fly use for traveling, Metal Claw or Steel Wing cover Rock weakness. I found it hard to catch Fire type Pokemon in this version because they are very rare, also using Charizard helps me having one more slot for other Pokemon instead of a Flying type one.

Seadra - Water
enter image description here
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Modest/ Timid
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Ice Beam
- Twister
Pure Water Type Dragon! Using him to deal with other Dragon type gives him a big advantage since Dragon and Ice moves have normal effects on him, but remember his poor Sp. Def. Surf and Waterfall gain STAB and use for traveling, Ice Beam and Twister turn him into a dragon-killer.

Gyarados - Water/ Flying
enter image description here
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Jolly/ Adamant
- Rain Dance
- Dragon Dance
- Earthquake
- Idk, Hydro Pump?
Rage Dragon! Honestly, I didn't mean to use him at first but when I bought him from the saleman in the PC near Mt. Moon, he was a shiny Magikarp. Rain Dance to power up Seadra's Water moves, Dragon Dance gives him Attack and Speed, Earthquake deals with Electric type. I also have one last slot, maybe you can choose Hydro Pump to give him STAB or other physical moves like Body Slam, Double-Edge,...

Electrode - Electric
enter image description here
Ability: Static
Nature: Modest/ Timid
- Spark/ Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Light Screen
- Flash/ Thunder
Fast and furious Pokeball! His Speed and Defense outweight Raichu's and Jolteon's. Spark or Thunderbolt give him STAB, Thunder Wave paralyzes the target, Light Screen improves the team's Sp. Def in 5 turns, Flash uses for lighting up dark areas and lowering opponent's Accuracy or you can try using Thunder during Gyarados's Rain Dance.

Primeape - Fighting
enter image description here
Ability: Vital Spirit
Nature: Jolly/ Adamant
- Brick Break
- Focus Energy
- Strength
- Rock Slide
Angry Pig Monkey! I prefer him to Machamp because he looks more "Pokemon" than humanoid-Machamp. Brick Break STAB, pairs with Focus Energy makes critical hits land more easily. Strength use for moving boulders and dealing massive damage, Rock Slide takes care of Flying weakness.

Alakazam - Psychic
enter image description here
Ability: Synchronoize
Nature: Modest/ Timid
- Psychic
- Recover
- Reflect
- Calm Mind
Foxy Genius! Since I figured out how to trade using My Boy emulator, I replaced Hypno with Alakazam. Catching this guy may make you exhausted. Psychic gains STAB, Recover regains half of his maximum HP, Reflect cuts down the power of physical moves in 5 turns, Calm Mind gives him Sp. Attack and Sp. Def.

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Really great team.Nice mix of status and offensive moves.
I liked the Gyarados set the most.The last move better be Double edge or Aerial ace.
The only suggestion is not to use both Wing attack and Fly on Charizard,add Dragon claw as a replacement.
That's all,Really great team
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My Leafgreen Team: Venusaur,Primeape,Golem,Dodrio,Jolteon,Starmie.

Venusaur - Grass/Poison
enter image description here

Nature: Naive
Abillity: Overgrow
Moves: Frenzy Plant,Solarbeam,Leech Seed,Sleep Powder

The Best Movepool from all the starters in the game. Why? 'cause it get leech seed very early and sleep powder too,it can Sweep almost every gym in the game. its like the combo of hypnosis and dream eater . Frenzy Plant and solarbeam are STAB powerful Moves.

Primeape - Fighting
enter image description here

Nature: Naughty
Abillity: Vital Spirit
Moves: Cross Chop,Brick Break,Strength,Swagger

Has very high speed and attack stats and available very early and learns unquie moves that usually fighting types can't learn in level up and TMs. Cross Chop is STAB and makes the Opponet Flinch, Brick Break is STAB to for breaking barriers like light screen and reflect, Strength is HM and Swagger is to Confuse the opponet and if the opponet hurt imself in the confusion it gets a lot of pain.

Golem - Rock/Ground
enter image description here

Nature: Rash
Abillity: Sturdy
Moves: Rock Slide,Rock Blast,Earthquake,Explosion

Has Very high defnse and attack stats and can protect on venusaur against fire types. Rock Slide is STAB and can make the opponet Flinching, Rock Blast is also STAB for multi target attack that sometimes can do huge pain to the opponet, Earthquake is STAB too against a lot of types that Golem is Weak, Exploison can make the oponnet faint with one hit against Strong Opponets.

Dodrio - Normal/Flying
enter image description here

Nature: Docile
Abillity: Run Away
Moves: Drill Peck,Fly,Aerial Ace,Tri Attack

The Stornget flying Types in thr game (not imclude Legandarys and dragon types.
Learns Useful moves in levrl up and TMs. Drill Peck is STAB and one of the strongest flying type moves, Fly is STAB and HM, Aerial Ace is STAB and it never misses its target, Tri Attack is STAB and also can paralyz/burn/freeze the opponet.

Jolteon - Electric
enter image description here

Nature: Naughty
Abillity: Volt Absorb
Moves: Thunder,Thunderolt,Shock Wave,Thunder Wave

The Speedst Electric type for sweeping opponet like the speed of the light. Thunder STAB and Strong Move, Thunderbolt STAB and Strong Moves and Has 100% Accuarcy, Shock wave STAB and never misses, Thunder Wave 100% paralyz move and useful to catch Pokemon.

Starmie - Water/Psychic

enter image description here

Nature: Bold
Abillity: Natural Cure
Moves: Hydro Pump,Surf,Psychic,Cosmic Power

Has Very wide movepool in TMs and level up and has very useful typing and high stats and can sweep battles very easily.
Hydro Pump,Surf and Psychic are STAB and very strong moves, Cosmic power raises Defensive stats and make Starmie as a mini Defensive Wall.

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These are my suggestions. I have Firered, so no Starmie for me, but I'll work around it

Charizard (geared for attack and speed)
Flamethrower - STAB
Wing Attack -STAB
Earthquake - Covers electric and rock
Brick Break - Good neutral move

Starmie (LeafGreen)
Surf - STAB
Psychic - STAB
Ice Beam - Grass Coverage
Thunderbolt - Use against other waters

Lapras (FireRed)
Same moveset as Starmie

Rockslide - STAB
Aerial Ace - STAB
Double Edge - Powerful move, no recoil with the right ability
Steel Wing - Covers Rock and Ice weakness

Exeggutor (if you cant trade)
Sleep Powder - Most accurate sleep move
Dream Eater - STAB, use with Sleep Powder
Giga Drain - STAB
Shadow ball (if it can learn it, I cant remember. Psychic if it cant)

Gengar (if you CAN trade) (I like Gengar, ive got 2 movesets for it)
Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic and Thunderbolt -OR-
Psychic, Thunderbolt, Giga Drain, and Destiny Bond (Good for making sure
what your fighting dies

Dragon Claw - STAB
Thunderbolt - Most pokes that learn Ice Beam are also water
Surf - Covers rock weakness
Ice Beam - Covers foe Dragonites for 4x power

Jolteon (if you dont want Legendaries)
Thunderbolt - Stab
Bite - only non-electric Sp.Att move Jolteon can learn
Thunder wave - paralysis
Protect - good for figuring out if your opponent knows Earthquake

Zapdos (if you dont mind legends)
Thunderbolt - STAB
Drill Peck - STAB
Thunder Wave - Paralysis
Steel Wing - Rock Coverage

Snorlax (if you take Zapdos, use Snorlax instead of Aerodactyl)
This one should be a bit different than usual ones
Rest - Recovery (use this constantly, time it so its used the same turn you wake up
Snore - Use while resting
Toxic - Wear down enemies
Sleep Talk - Use it for a 2/3 chance to use either Snore or Toxic, allowing you to Toxify your enemy without ever coming out of Rest. Massive EV training in Def and HP required. Its a slow battle, but you wont lose. Alternatively, use Rest, Snore, Belly Drum, Body Slam

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My Fire red Team
Charizard(Blaze)-Aerial Ace,Blast Burn,Heatwave/Flamethrower,Earthquake
Poliwrath(Water absorb)-Hypnosis,Body Slam,Surf,Brick Break
Golem/Graveller(Rock Head)-Double edge,Rock slide,Rollout, Earthquake(Stop Geodude from evolving till it learn Double edge,i.e till lvl46)
Snorlax(Immunity)-Body Slam,Hyper Beam,Shadow ball,Rollout
Articuno(Pressure)-Mist(You can Change it),Fly,Ice Beam,Mind Reader(Keep it as it is a good combination with sheer cold)
Zapdos-Thunderbolt/shock wave,Drill Peck,Thunder wave,Thunder(You can choose. I only needed it as an electric type against Drake's gyarados and loreli's slowbro)
Dragonite(Inner Focus) -Thunderbolt/shock wave,Wing attack,waterfall,Dragonclaw

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CHARIZARD (fire and flying)@charcoal

Fly (HM2)
Flamethrower (lv34)
Earthquake (TM26)
Dragon rage (lv54)
Your starter. Flame thrower to take down some ice, grass, steel and bug type can be used against Erica and Lorelei. Also can be used to take down Blue’s Exeggutor Fly is useful against grass, bug and fighting and to fly around. Earthquake takes down electric, fire, poison rock and steel. Can be used to take down Blue’s arcanine. Dragon rage can be used against lance in elite 4.
PIKACHU (electric)@magnet

Seismic toss (tutor)
Thunder bolt (lv26)
Iron tail (TM23)
Flash (HM5)
You will get it in viridian forest or power plant. Flash is to pass the rock tunnel. It can be used to lower opponent’s accuracy. Seismic toss can be used to take down normal types. Thunder bolt and iron tail are wonderful move
RATICATE (Normal) @

Cut (HM1)
Rock smash (HM6)
Super fang (lv40)
Strength (HM4)
Your HM slave. Super fang is used for survival. Keeping Raticate in team is useful as it covers most of HMs.
[NIDOQUEEN/NIDOKING] (Ground/poison)

Mega horn/super power
Brick break/shadow ball
Sludge bomb (TM36)
Dig (TM28)
Can be used as a defender. Mega horn and brick break if you choose nidoking and super power and shadow ball if you choose nidoqueen. Dig is useful during battles as well as outside battles. Sludge bomb is useful in poisoning your foe __
[DRAGONITE/SNORLAX] [(dragon/flying)/ (normal)]

Ice beam /shadow ball
Flame thrower (TM35)
Hyper beam/Solar beam
Surf (HM3)
Your war machine. Ice beam and hyper beam is for dragonite and shadow ball solar beam is for snorlax. Both covers a lot of type. So it is useful.
LAPRAS (water /ice)@mystic water

Blizzard/ice beam
Psychic (TM29)
Waterfall (HM6)
Thunder (TM25)
A very useful water type Pokemon. Blizzard and ice beam is stronger than lance’s dragons psychic and thunder are very useful.

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