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Theif takes the opponents current Pokemon's item if you don't have one. Any useful items I can steal in Pokemon Emerald?

Luvdisc + Heart Scale
Beautifly with Thief can steal Brawly's Makuhita's Sitrus Berry pretty easily.
Uuuuh, useful items. A Sitrus Berry doesn't help that much.
30 hp in early game? Helpful!

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Evo Items

  • DragonScale: Wild Bagon/ Horsea

  • King's Rock: Wild Hariyama

  • Metal Coat: Wild Magnemite/ Magneton

Type Items

  • Black Belt: Black Belt Nob's Machamp (after fifth battle)

  • Dragon Fang: Dragon Tamer Nicholas's Shelgon

  • Hard Stone: Wild Aron

  • Sharp Beak: Wild Doduo/ Dodrio

  • SilverPowder: Held by Bug Maniac Jeffrey's Masquerain

  • Soft Sand: Wild Trapinch

  • Spell Tag: Wild Duskull/ Shuppet

  • TwistedSpoon: Wild Abra/ Kadabra

Stats Items

  • Light Ball: Wild Pikachu

  • Metal Powder: Wild Ditto

  • Thick Club: Wild Cubone/ Marowak

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you can't battle wild Pikachu...and don't forget that Pokemon trained by ladies and rich boys hold nuggets.