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Or maybe, does it have an advantage at all, besides being a special attack? It has only 10 more power than night slash, but 5 less PP and wastes a turn.

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I'm thinking that it might have a high chance for a crit. hit than other high chance of crit. hits moves, but it doesn't say that it does.

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Well, the only STAB you can get with it is with Girafarig and Zangoose, who learn it by Egg move. It can also be a one-trick only attack when combined with Power Herb, which allows you to not have to charge, but only once, then Power Herb is gone. It has a better chance for a critical hit than ordinary moves, but is the same as moves like Slash and Stone Edge. Absol can use it with the Super Luck ability, but other moves are better. It can attack both foes in a double battle, although that can be both a blessing and a hinderance, seeing as how damage decreases. It does have more power than most other 100% accuracy critical hit moves, but that charge makes it worse. I believe that it is only a ingame short term move. These are moves that you teach your Pokemon when you don't have any better moves to teach them as you don't have enough TMs or it is not a high enough level. These are moves that are just there ingame because you can't get anything better, like Chimchar when you just get it in Pearl has Scratch, you only have it because you don't have anything better.

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Yeah, that makes sense.  I was wondering if there was something else I was missing because moves like that generally have high PP to more or less balance the attack and effect.  It seems to me that this move would only remotely make sense if it had at least 20-25 BP.
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well you're right. All its really good for is having a high critical hit ratio. Plus its attack is lowered in double battles so that's not much help either. Id say it has more disadvantages that advantages.

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