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sorry for a lot of wonder guard question, but just for sure... does it hit Sableye wonder guard? i read this
is it true?

Wow, this is interesting. I never had any idea about this.
me neither...

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Firstly, Sableye can't have Wonder Guard without hacking (that would be pretty unfair!)

But, based on that bulbapedia link, yes, it would hit Sableye even though it is not effective. Also see the link DarkTyphlosion posted.

There's the fact that he dealt with somebody who used a hacked pokemon, if you look at some of his older questions.
that's what i mean! oh my God, i can't leave this site, thanks all! now, i'm ready to rematch my friends!
Is that a glitch or something?  That's really weird...
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No, Sableye has no x 2 or x 4 weaknesses, so no attacking moves could hit it under normal circumstances (The exceptions are Future Sight and Doom Desire).

And since the whole attack is nullified, there is no chance of burning from Fire Fang. The only way to burn WG Sableye is through Will-o-Wisp.

And what about Flame Orb and Flame Body?
it's burn the foe...
"Fire Fang inexplicably bypasses Wonder Guard, even if it is used on a Pokémon that does not have a weakness to Fire-type moves (e.g. a Porygon2 that used Trace on a Shedinja)"

Wobbuffet, fire fang does work.

Those two should go without saying, Darth.

And what do ya know, DT, Fire Fang is actually useful for something! I never liked it, but I guess it has an extra use...Sorta.