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there is a zoroark in victory road, and it is apparently protecting somthing. I dunno how to catch it, and it wont budge. What is behind it. Black 2.

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you get a Zorua as a gift

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Alright,first off.The Zoroark in Victory Road can't be caught.As it's job is to block you from going to the ruins of N's Castle behind it.Well,not right-away behide it.Untill you beat the Elite For.To get a Zoroark.First you have to go to Driftveil City.Up north,there is a guy that can give you a Zorua.It's Nature is always Hasty and has perfect IVs.Then evolve it.Need more info? Look at the website.

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I hyperlinked it for you.
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I'm back! Anyway, you don't catch the zoroack. It's blocking the way to the ruins of N's castle. It will move when you beat the Elite 4. Need some help? Here

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