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(Updated Feb '20 by Fizz.)

This thread applies to you if you a) know personally other people who use (or would like to use) PokeBase, or b) have lost access to your original PokeBase account.

Our approach to shared-network and connected accounts

On PokeBase, we don't allow users to have more than one account. Extra accounts, commonly known as 'duplicate accounts', are blocked on sight. However, our means of tracking them can cause confusion with users who own separate accounts, but connect to the same network as each other. To deal with this, we've created this page so you can tell us when you share a network with another PokeBase user.

If you regularly use this site through a network or device you know other PokeBase users are, leave an answer here indicating this, including a link to the account/s in question. Frequently, these accounts will belong to siblings, relatives, classmates and co-workers.

This thread also helps us manage users who have lost access to the email and password of their original PokeBase account, and have begun using a new one. If this situation applies to you, tell us in an answer below, and include a link to your original account. (Do note, however, that you may not voluntarily 'retire' an old account and start a new one.)

This thread will act as a 'whitelist' of sorts to inform moderator decision-making. There's a catch, though.

The agreement

To prevent abuse of the points system, all users involved must read and follow the rules below regarding shared-network accounts.

  1. Related accounts are not allowed to vote each other's posts. The inclination to vote a relative's posts before others is a threat to the integrity of our points system and is therefore disallowed wholly.

  2. Related accounts may not answer each other's questions. Talk to each other if you know the answer. This prevents people from coordinating posts to gain points, as that is unfair.

  3. Networks with past issues regarding duplicate accounts require formal moderator approval. We don't want this system to be exploited. No guarantees if you've breached our trust in the past.

  4. If any user or account involved does something to warrant a full IP ban, we'll apply it in spite of this agreement. You are collectively responsible for ensuring nobody on your network plays up.

  5. Account sharing is not allowed. If you and other/s you know would like to use PokeBase, they must all have their own account. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  6. If you report that you've lost access to your original account, we will block your original account. If you regain access to that account, you may choose which account you would like to continue with.

By posting a response on this thread, you indicate to us that you and all other users involved have read and accepted the agreement. This makes us confident that you won't use additional accounts to harm the community. Please remember that in addition to using this thread, we can see who you are giving votes to, we can detect when your accounts are linked, and we can find posts that you've removed.

If we somehow ascertain that you knowingly ignored this agreement even though it applied to you, we'll obviously be very skeptical of your motives. We will be even more skeptical if you use this thread to lie. Please do the right thing by everyone else who accepted this agreement in good faith.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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Only one of you is required to post. It can be your sibling or you. As long as one does so, the other one has no need to.
I accidentally made an account when i first joined, i never used it so please ban it?
Sorry but i completely forgot about it until now, and i want to just have it removed in case people suspect it as a dupe for upvotes and stuff
HelloBloon is a duplicate account.  I forgot the password.

I would've posted this sooner but I had no time, so sorry about that!
Do you still have the email for HelloBloon? If so you can just get that password back.
Why did you post it twice .-.
One time is all that is needed :P

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Mattthegamernub is my sibling. Something I never thought I'd admit. Obviously, I'm the cool sibling.

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Ok then. Fizz, I really don't need to be linked to my other account. Is there a way to just get rid of it?

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Pokemaster can delete the account, though his stance has always been against deleting accounts. But as part of this agreement, I block the account; and seeing as you can't get into it anyway, it's deleted for all intents and purposes. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.