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I REALLY want to use them in Qs and As, so what site or something do I go on to get them?

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The best Sprite site I have found so far.
[Pokecheck FTW!][1]

  [1]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/

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  • First find an animated sprite/sprites, for example Pokecheck is a good source.
  • Second, copy the Image URL of the picture you want.
  • Go to your answer or question and press the image button (looks like a Polaroid). Or press "Ctrl+G".
  • Paste the image URL and press OK.
  • Optionally enter an image description.

That should be it.


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Step 1: Look them up. Popular places are Pokestadium, etc.
Step 2: You've found them.

(This is called looking something up instead of clogging the Meta)

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Pretty simple: use one of these two sites or god knows how many other sites have animated pics.
Simply swap the number at the end for the pokedex number of the one you are searching for.
For this, just find the Pokemon you want.


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