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Sure he isn't active, but he earned that long ago. It doesn't deserve to be taken away.

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Agreed. He'll come back someday...
There's also the whole " He earned it, at least let him keep the title to show that he worked hard and achieved it. " portion.
Yeah, that is the main thing Josh.
He was one of the original legendary Mod trio.
What level were they caught at? :P
Level 1 trillion and 4 (O.o)

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I understand what you are saying, but here is my reasoning:

  • Moderator isn't a "status" exactly, it's a function. Swampert isn't around much so isn't using that function.
  • I am maybe slightly paranoid about security and just don't see the need to have someone as a moderator if they are not doing any moderating. He is rarely (if ever) on at a time when no other mods are on.
  • Swampert still has his points and Editor function to show his "status".
  • I don't suppose he is bothered if new people on the site know of his status. The important and long-standing people here know it, he doesn't need a bit of text in his profile saying that.
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