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I don't know about you, but every time I go on this site, I'm at the homepage. In order to get somewhere like meta, or the battle subway, first I have to go to the tab that says "Other Stuff," then I have to go to Pokebase Q and A, and from there I go to the meta/battlesubway/chatroom. I was just wondering if there is an easier way, or if there could be one, like a direct route to chat, battle subway and meta.

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Just add these pages to your favorites. I just add chat to my favorites and from there I can go anywhere.
I actually considered that. But then, I miss all of the updates on the homepage XD.
when you want to go straight to pokebase type pokemondb.net/ and then the web page will come on
If you have Windows 7, go the the Q&A page. Drag the pokeball in the address bar to your taskbar. Now everytime you click it, it will go straight to the Q&A.
I hit thriving community

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This has been asked several times. But yeah I will get round to it at some point, I've been meaning to reorder the menu.

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