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I think we can ALL agree that wi-fi tournaments have become scarce. This is probably because most of the people who host tournaments aren't really in favor of Wi-fi. Don't worry, I'm not here to criticize anybody (I'll do that later). I was wondering, being that Mods/Editors/Experts don't really do wi-fi (As far as I know) maybe wi-fi tourney's could be hosted by others at their own time. This way there'd be no more Wi-Fi Suggestions on the Tourney suggestions page and less complaints. So if you gave one or two popular Wi-Fi battlers permission to post Wi-Fi Tournamets, we'd be outta you PO/Showdon Player's hair. And, If you're one of those people who hates wi-fi tourneys, don't bother commenting because this doesn't really concern you. And I just KNOW someone's going to bring up how Wi-Fi is unreliable and it sucks, so please don't.


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FACEPALM .... I just took the time to type a huge answer, and I have a feeling that you didn't get a word of it.
oh and i forgot to name some of those and BTW some of those people only use noobers (ubers)
I have 19 friends on my pal pad, so I know 19 people that play Wi-Fi.
So we definitely have enough people for a Wi-Fi tourney
I quite like wi-fi. Especially since I went through so much to get it.

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I say give it a chance. And since Pokemaster is unlikely to answer this, again, what I say goes, unless the other mods choose to outvote me on this or Pokemaster intervenes for some random reason.

Gigaslash, set up a standard OU Wi-Fi tournament. See if you can get 16 people willing to join. Then see if you can get at least 14 of those people to battle each other by the due dates you set (the average we get for PO/Showdown tournaments). And just like all the other tournaments, keep it to one post. I'll help you by editing your tournament post with the standard things to keep the tournament fair.

If this doesn't work out, you'll need to set up any future tournaments via the chat.

Comment if this seems fair to you.

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I'm afraid gigaslash has already decided to leave the site for a while..
If somebody has the ability to contact Gigaslash and tell him about this, could you do so?
Your help would be much appreciated.
No one can contact him, he's a new user, people hardly know him.
I think this is fair, but I think tourneys should be held with 8 people to start out with, because I still don't think we'll have a giant abundance of people join. I'll host it since Gigaslash is gone.
How about you try for 16, and then after a week if we don't get people for it, we move it down to 8, with the first eight that answered getting the spots?

And for eight, should we have all people have to battle by the due date (forgiving circumstances such as internet/wi-fi cutting out and such like that) in order for us to continue with Wi-Fi tournaments as meta posts?

Also, thanks for hosting.
I'll keep an eye out for him on showdown seeing that I have fairly good relations with him.
I guess that works. I'll try to get it up sometime tonight or tomorrow.
Hopefully it'll work, if not, chat tourney, here we come!
Thanks trachy, but I'll need some time before i can set up a tournament. You can start one yourself/with others and see who joins. Thanks for helping out!
Wifi tourneys are great seen as some people dont have PO or showdown but are really wanting to be in a tourney! I no i am a noob but give the noobs a chance.