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I think we can ALL agree that wi-fi tournaments have become scarce. This is probably because most of the people who host tournaments aren't really in favor of Wi-fi. Don't worry, I'm not here to criticize anybody (I'll do that later). I was wondering, being that Mods/Editors/Experts don't really do wi-fi (As far as I know) maybe wi-fi tourney's could be hosted by others at their own time. This way there'd be no more Wi-Fi Suggestions on the Tourney suggestions page and less complaints. So if you gave one or two popular Wi-Fi battlers permission to post Wi-Fi Tournamets, we'd be outta you PO/Showdon Player's hair. And, If you're one of those people who hates wi-fi tourneys, don't bother commenting because this doesn't really concern you. And I just KNOW someone's going to bring up how Wi-Fi is unreliable and it sucks, so please don't.


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The main thing about wi fi tourneys IMO is that people have to either hack or take the time to level up their Pokemon to lvl 100 to battle.
People don't have to join if they don't have their stuff. I don't want people bringing up what's wrong with Wi-Fi.
I'm in i love wifi battling, that's the way pokemon was supposed to be! not on this computer crap!
Good! My thoughts exactly! Thanks for the Support!
Just saying Giga, the internet is a lot easier and more people are likely to join. Also Roup I KNOW you know about the comment system, start using it.
ALL i want to discuss is another way to get wi-fi battles, and NOT wi-fi VS. PO/Showdown. I'm not making some evil plot to convince Pokemaster to ban online battling or something...
Pokemon was designed and made for Wi-Fi battles. I'm tired of seeing everyone going on PO/Showdown to play. So what if it takes a little time to get you're Pokemon to lv.100, if you really want to Wi-Fi battle, you'll take the time to do it. Personally, I love Wi-Fi battles, and I think a lot of other people should too.
yay! Another supporter! Thanks Freeze!
You're welcome, I really think we need more Wi-Fi battlers
You cant just host tourney. They would be all over meta. You just have to ask for Wifi battles on chat. Wifi tourneys dont get that many people and they prevent other tourneys from starting.
I think Kyron is right. You don't have to post it on the Meta, just gather people on the Chat.
Yeah what and JCM said I'm to lazy to right that out but I agree.
Look, people who bother to raise their Pokemon to level 100 will be the only ones joining your tourneys. People will always go on PO/Showdown, it's a matter of preference. You can't force us to love it.
Giga please do not post a suggestion on the Meta if you are not prepared to take criticism.
Okay, I don't understand why you people are down-voting his question, There is nothing wrong with him wanting a Wi-Fi tourney, nor does it break the rules to ask for one.

I do agree that Wi-Fi tournaments take up time, and MAYBE there will not be "enough" participants, but lately I have been seeing a lot of users in chat mention Wi-Fi. If you're not allowed to actually host one in Meta, like JCM suggested gather users on chat. It's the next best thing.

http://www.challonge.com is a good site for you to put the brackets together and to keep it organized so everyone who's participating isn't running around in chaos. If that website isn't appealing to you, then you could actually put something similar on your profile description so people have somewhere to reference.

^ If you really want a Wi-Fi tourney that bad, then that would be your best bet IMO. Good Luck.
Alright, I've a lot to say. In chat? Why is everything PO/Showdown in the meta, and then Wi-Fi gets DOWNGRADED to Chat? That's Unbelievably unfair. And that's not even the Question! I'm not here to discuss the Pluses and Minuses of Wi-Fi here! I'll be glad to discuss it, so why don't we? There are PLENTY of Wi-Fi Battlers. Just, making a tournament in chat IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! It would be like trying to get any other tourney done in the chat room. Someone isn't just going to stay in chat all day waiting for X amount of people to join the tournament! If it was posted on the meta, it would be Hundreds of times more efficient. JCM! KYRON! Did I say to give EVERYBODY who has wi-fi priveleges to make tournaments whenever they wanted? NO! I asked for one or two experienced battlers' to get permission, being that no Mods/Experts/Editors seem to like wi-fi! The new people would obviously not just post 100 tournaments at once! Don't you think the Database has more sense than that? Let me restate what I wanted. I wanted Wi-Fi tournaments. Wi-Fi tournaments! Organized, simple, easy wi-fi tournaments. I don't CARE whether it takes a long time to train your stupid pokemon!!! I'm not forcing anybody to join!!! It would be like all other tournaments. If you're eligible, you join. If you aren't, don't join! Duh! It's so obvious. This shouldn't even be discussed, but obviously I have to S-P-E-L-L it out to some of you. And What Riles said! Why are people down-voting my question? That's only supposed to be done if I've asked something that doesn't follow the rules, or if it's been asked before. You don't down-vote if you don't agree with it, you leave a comment. I don't see why this question has caused such a problem-- it hasn't. The Dramabase is just MAKING it one.

To the mods/editors/anyone with athourity that sees this. Please Disqualify me from my latest tournament participation. I need a week of cooldown time/ time away from the site. Thank you.
Sounds like a good idea!
Thanks boss.
@ Riles: I guess that's what I'll have to do if all else fails. I just feel like it's unfair that the PO/Showdown Tourneys are posted all the time, but Wi-Fi has to be done in chat or elsewhere.
well i agree and disagree with this. I can only name 1 person that has lv. 100 pokemon. StealthScyther99. And, me of course. Stealth isn't very active and im not sure if you have all level 100s or not. But what we could do is flat battle for those who don't have level 100 pokemon so everyone who has wi-fi could join.
MrBoss, Starpower, Freeze shock, Samurrott9,999 and PikachuSwagg all have lv. 100 pokes. These are just a few that I've met/ battled.
Actually that doesn't have anything to do with the Q. Ready my Question, read my answer. That's what it's all about. At no point did I say or IMPLY Wi-Fi is better than PO/Showdown, or say anything of the sort. You're clearly confused.
@[email protected]
I've also got Wifi and lv 100 pokes.
See? Plenty o' wi-fi battlers (Not that that's even the issue at hand)
Giga you have to understand that we've had Wifi tourneys in the past and they werent that successful. Most of us have to busy of lives to train the pokemon needed to battle Wifi. We have Wifi tournaments every other month so you can just wait for those.
FACEPALM .... I just took the time to type a huge answer, and I have a feeling that you didn't get a word of it.
oh and i forgot to name some of those and BTW some of those people only use noobers (ubers)
I have 19 friends on my pal pad, so I know 19 people that play Wi-Fi.
So we definitely have enough people for a Wi-Fi tourney
I quite like wi-fi. Especially since I went through so much to get it.

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I say give it a chance. And since Pokemaster is unlikely to answer this, again, what I say goes, unless the other mods choose to outvote me on this or Pokemaster intervenes for some random reason.

Gigaslash, set up a standard OU Wi-Fi tournament. See if you can get 16 people willing to join. Then see if you can get at least 14 of those people to battle each other by the due dates you set (the average we get for PO/Showdown tournaments). And just like all the other tournaments, keep it to one post. I'll help you by editing your tournament post with the standard things to keep the tournament fair.

If this doesn't work out, you'll need to set up any future tournaments via the chat.

Comment if this seems fair to you.

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I'll keep an eye out for him on showdown seeing that I have fairly good relations with him.
I guess that works. I'll try to get it up sometime tonight or tomorrow.
Hopefully it'll work, if not, chat tourney, here we come!
Thanks trachy, but I'll need some time before i can set up a tournament. You can start one yourself/with others and see who joins. Thanks for helping out!
Wifi tourneys are great seen as some people dont have PO or showdown but are really wanting to be in a tourney! I no i am a noob but give the noobs a chance.