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This was never really mentioned, so I'm going purely off of " I'm pretty sure " for this situation at the moment. I've noticed another user made a CAP pokemon team, ( A team completely made of made up pokemon ). While they did link stats, you can't actually USE the teams for anything, so I was curious as to whether or not we are technically supposed to hide them. At the moment, I see them as a variation of gimmick teams.
By this, I mean not ever going to be able to be used.

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You can use them. Showdown has a CAP battle option.
Not just an option, I'm starting to think Smogon hacked Showdown. They're part of the OU Metagame.
.....Zarel created Showdown and Zarel is a devoted Smogon-ite. No hacks.

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Yes, the teams are never going to be used, so they do not belong here. Even if they could be used in some unofficial game somewhere, it would not be an official game so almost no one would be able to answer. Pretty much the same category as pokefarm questions etc.

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Awesome, that's what I thought. Thanks.
Damn it, we'll have to post our teams on Smogon.