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Just to let ya guys know, I didn't start calling dibs on Qs off my own creativity. I saw others doing it and thought, "Wow! Sounds cool!"

But, anyway, reader, myself (and people) are sometimes calling dibs on Qs. That means,

"I'll be answering this, so no one touch it."

  • From Mike, B3N, and some others.

So, should we ban this? Should people say "I'd like to answer this. It'd be nice if no one else answered" ? or what?

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Saying "I'm answering this" doesn't really mean anything unless you actually answer it. Don't let it sit there for other people to answer. Just answer the Q like everyone else.
I never called dibs on a Q, I've posted that I'll b answering but I've never called dibs
Sorry, that's what I meant.
GT, you've by FAR called "dibs" the most.
I don't think we should allow this. Sure, i do it sometimes but it doesn't prevent others from answering xD

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You can't call dibs on a question. Of course anyone is allowed to answer.

If you are about to write an answer, it can be a "notice" so that others don't do a bunch of work for nothing, but only when you are actually writing an answer. You can't comment and come back an hour later to write the answer.

But that doesn't really apply to RMT anyway because the answers are more opinionated and are obviously going to be different. So in short: NO, it's basically pointless.

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