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i am really starting to get irritated at the large number of questions i see every day i log on here. i don't see any reason for asking questions about Game Freak's rationale for certain elements of the game, when no one has any friggin' clue but him. How can Genesect learn Fly? If i release a Pokemon will it remember me? If i release pokemon in a foreign region what happens? and the like are, from what my understanding of site rules, not really legit questions, since they have little to absolutely no impact on gameplay or plot development in-game or in the anime and manga series. i posted an answer on the one about releasing in a foreign region that was a bit facetious, but i just think this is getting out of hand.

Someone please tell me what the outrageous Pokemon question was, I can't see it because it was hidden.
something about if an Arceus was going all Godzilla status, could you throw a pokeball at it and then kick the pokeball really far away thus averting Nagasaki like consequences.
Oh, yeah, I saw that one before it was hidden.
yeah. so even of that wasn't against the rules, it was pretty inconsiderate to ask someone to waste their time  answering it when there clearly isn't an answer and we will never be able to test it anyway.

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There is no problem with questions that are simply about logic, or that question Game Freak. As Pokemaster quoted in the rules, 'As long as they obey they rules, all question are welcome!'. I understand your opinion in this but they don't technically break any rules. Nothing's gonna be done about it. Often these questions are interesting; so even if they involve useless logic they are still interesting.
So basically there is no reason to disallow them, as the way I see it they and legit questions, and what you must understand is that some people will wonder about these things.

well, just fyi im not trying to start a witch hunt. i have just seen other users irritated by these questions as well. i figured if it bothers people it should at least be made aware of. thank you for your time, and may i note that i at least think there should be a limit to how many questions of those type be asked within a given time frame by a single user. just an opinion, but who am o to have such a thing?
Glad this made things a little clearer...
There is already a limit to how many questions you can ask in a given time (originally supposed to stop spam 'What is Pokemon?' questions). Yeah, it's good you stood up with your opinion, though I don't see why we sholdn't allow them. I do see how others are irriatated by this, though this is mostly because one points out something, others agree.
I'm gonna quote from trachy here " people just to stop mini-modding". If a question is pointless an editor or mod will hide it, nuffsaid.
@Fizzcube: good point. people do have a tendency to all try to hop on the ole bandwagon. and, of course you get the select few choice individuals who basically hijack the bandwagon and run it off a cliff, all for the sake of being incorrigible little trolls. i will say no more on this subject. thank you for your time, guv'nuh.
Thank you for your concern SD.

But Fizzcube is correct. Another thing is we've kept some awful questions that would have otherwise been hidden just for the fact that they have an incredible answer.
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You are right, many of those questions are a bit pointless. But for some questions it's hard to know if there is an actual real answer or not.

For example, you might ask "Why does Pokemon X have a stripe on their body?" For some Pokemon the answer would be because it's based on a particular animal that also has that stripe, or another similar reason. But for other Pokemon it could just be "that's how Game Freak designed it".

For stuff like "Why doesn't Pokemon X learn move Y?" (e.g. the Eelektross/Surf one) they are almost always "that's how Game Freak designed it".

And yes some of the others like "outrageous Pokemon question" are downright dumb questions and should be flagged.

thank you Pokemaster! :B
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k it has been hidden, but "Is Gym Leader Wattson Santa Friggin Sweet Zombie Claus?" ?! REALLY?! this is what I an talking about. I flagged the crap outta that pup but just let it be known that my opinions are occasionally valid.

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