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I think when someone curses they should be kicked from chat so to give a warning. And instead of making the message say "You have been temporarily kicked from chat. Take a few moments to chill out. You can go back in X minutes," make it say "Please do not curse or use abusive language, as it is not tolerated well on this site. You can enter chat again in X minutes.", but only for an incident like this.

There have been many reporting of bad things happening when mods aren't around, so this would be a BIG help IMO. If a user curses, they get a warning. But this should be for BIG words not kicking for the occasional "damn" that goes on.

Pokemaster, I hope this is taken into consideration as I think it will be beneficial for the site, and remember the fact that eleven year old kids (Such as me) use this site.

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Listen to this guy, Pokemaster, he says the truth about what should happen!
There's a censor for a reason. If a word isn't censored, Pokemaster thinks it's okay. I don't see the problem.
Hey, Beautifly Blade, can you take out that part that says (such as me), we don't want anybody knowing your age
I agree with spoink but but some censored words or racial words should auto kick, I suggested this a whole back.
Remember my brother hacked and started spamming that word I never wanted to read? It wasn't even censored...
UltimateFlygon I don't care if everyone knows my age most people already know. I'M 11 PEOPLE!
Look, sometimes, people rage (I'm especially talking about myself), and start cursing (Again, myself). I believe racial words should lead to an immediate kick, but I don't think that other censored words should get an auto-kick. I think the other words, when you use it, you would get a warning, and then, if you use it again, you get kicked.
JCM, if we look into the mind of a raging person, think about it. Remember you were really mad at me that day? Would you have honestly cared if I told you to stop cursing? Then, say, Kyron came in and told you to stop? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't, but if trachy came and just kicked you right away, you'd take it seriously. The human mind is pretty much like that. They only care for authority figures when it comes to law and order. BTW I'm so glad you're talking to me now :3
Please JCM would stop the second he saw my name pop up in chat XD. But i have to agree with Spoink, any words that shouldnt be said are censor. The words left uncensored pokemaster feels are ok(btw i have seen him cuss a few times himself, should he be auto-kicked)
Since I am ten, my parents don't want me seeing bad words and "damn" is okay.
Thought that was what the censor was for. Sucks for anyone new to the site that didn't happen to memorize all the rules and manage to infer that direct profanity is not allowed on a pokemon site when it is acceptable on nearly every other popular site oriented at pokemon fans.
As said there is a censor, and while I have not seen it in action maybe multiple cuss words + censoring should warrant a temporary kickoff

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I am probably not going to do this. Cursing gets censored anyway so it's not a big problem.

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