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Well for chat its showing users online that arnt online. I know for a fact that Speed Freak said he was off for the night yet his name popped back up. Basically showing a whole bunch of people online when they are not, it started with Rio we saw here name a few minutes before she came on. This happened at 9:09 EST, any users below that werent on at the time can you please comment below saying so.

As for Pokebase, Meta, and RMT, they are showing the wrong times. Giving dates that haven't happened yet. (Oct 28)

From Mew: Top is PokeBase, 6th is Meta, 7th is Battle Subway.

Mew,Poke'slash,StarPower,Getenloom312 and Myself were the only ones really on
JCM as well.
Just tested it out, I'm getting it as well. Strange. Also, it's the 28th for me :D
And all the times on all the sections glitched up as well. connorg123's questions were posted unapproved, but appeared under the older questions. Poke'slash's post on the etymology page was effected too; I saw it at least ten minutes ago, now it says it was posted a minute ago.
It seems as the glitch is self disappearing so I think we'll be fine.
EDIT:Glitch is gone now
I was on too
Why me? Lolz, its my Comp. When Chat is a 'most clicked on' hml, it opens it for whatever reason.
Lol always rio
It is always me! xD Naw, I feel honored. :3

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This must have been because we put our clocks back in the UK last night. At 2am the time goes back to 1am so "repeating" that hour probably caused some problems.

Looks like it's all back to normal now.

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