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Uhmhm, hi,
I am another Dupe of Steelix, I really love this site, it is epic, but eversince I got banned I have just been bored to death. A few minutes ago I met Darkgoku (Exca le roi) on Poke Showdown. I asked him to post this instead of me, but he insisted to post it myself and told me I would be given my first and last chance. I PROMISE with my heart that I WILL NEVER EVER CREATE ANOTHER DUPLICATE! I WILL NEVER EVER BE A TROLL! I WILL NEVER EVER SPAM UP/DOWN VOTE EVER AGAIN! JUST PLEASE! UNBAN ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS! PLEASE!!!
(Beyond, iBrawl, Steelix)

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Sorry Steelix, you've created quite a bit of trouble. If it were up to me, I would keep you banned. But I believe everyone deserves a last chance. The thing is, you need to show that you're not gonna cause more trouble. I had a ban report but promised not to do anything bad (but I didn't in the first place...) and people have believed me. Even SoulHeart was let off the hook and he's prancing around as CreeperCrew.

What I'm saying is, I believe you should be unbanned but you have to prove you're gonna be good. Don't be point grubby and be nice to other users. These are surefire ways to prevent another ban.
thank you PM and BB. I have promised and will NEVER EVER cause anymore trouble again.
So you were iBrawl?!
This is exactly what Abnormal did and now look he's banned again -_-
And Soulheart. He begged for his old account too
@ Da Bomb118: Yup. I found BeyOnd's points rocketed from 442 to 722, and trachy did a couple of IP checks, and my guess (and a couple of others) was correct, iBrawl was a dup.

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I said this before to someone else, I'm not gonna go unbanning accounts. You'll have to start over with your new account. As long as you're not causing trouble with your new account I don't care.

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