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REALLY want to be an editor.

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sorry if this is a plain stupid question.

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You wouldn't just turn up at a random town and run for sheriff or mayor. So by the same logic you can't just register on a web site and immediately expect to be an editor.

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Every newcomer to a town seems to become sheriff.
I would like to point to Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Rango as some examples.
well I know that duh, but spum wack kinda tricked me...
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  • Be reliable
  • Be active
  • Trustworthy
  • Get 10000+ points, usually

If Pokemaster trusts you, he'll make you an editor. Also note, Pokemaster only makes Editors if he NEEDS them, which he currently doesn't.

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10000 points?! I will never be an editor...
I have under 1000 points to go until 10,000. It's not impossible :P
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Well first you have to gain his trust and make him believe you can handle all the responsibility of being a editor. Then before he promotes you, you have to cross the plains of the hidden post. Bash through the walls of pointueniss. Collect 16,090 solid diamond rocks. Bring him the Head of the Destroyer of Worlds. Then you must Dance for his amusement........

Nah just kidding, just basically when we need more editors and you are next in line based off you past here, he will promote you.

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really?! So he will promote when me when pokemaster needs an editor?! COOL!!!
well + a little trust.
Not you specifically but if your past shows that you are ready and there is no better selection then your chances are high
K nice...