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I've seen that many of the move set questions here generally get a lot of upvotes. This might inspire some point-hungry users to try and ask these questions. This will end up with lots of dupes with the move set questions as each user will try to ask the question about a powerful looking pokemon like haxorus and people will upvote because they like the pokemon(like me). To many dupes will be made and the mods and editors will have to go double time to hide dupe questions. To fix this I suggest to only let experts, editors, and mods to ask the move set questions.

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I actually agree with this.
I bolded the main point of you post, i agree too this was actually one of my worries i was going to ask Pokemaster about while he was in chat but i forgot to ask about it
Ok that's a good idea
Ahh! Good point! I actually forgot this happens, but I'm sure mods will be busy in keeping it under control; but for now none of the Pokemon names or even the game has been released, so it will be a while from now before we encounter those problems.
What about PM just asking about 10 each day numerically?
That'll avoid more dupes, and we dont have to answer a bunch at a time,
and wont miss any of them
Every moveset Q only gets 1 to 3 upvotes. It's not a big deal, even if the user posted 10 moveset Qs.

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Yes, this is a good point. Previously I let anyone ask the questions because some people wanted sets for certain Pokemon first.

I think perhaps we can change it to either me asking them all, or a special user I create to do it. It will be October until we have all the information anyway, so we have plenty of time to think and decide about it.

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Or have it classic and split it between you, DT, and me.
No just PM should ask the moveset question that way there is no issue with points.
Well, Kyron and I are more active than the three combined.
But if all mods, editors and experts ask the moveset Qs, there may still be dupes,
too many Qs at once(because of the point hungry users) and will be impossible
to make it in order, which can cause some missed Qs.
I think the best solution is that PM alone do this in numerical order few a day,
OR we can split the primary types between the mods and editors and each
can ask once per day, making so that pokemon from each element type can be asked each day
(17 Qs a day)
Between the editors and mods, each would get 25 if we had 150 Pokemon.